Magnus Carlsen vs. Hikaru Nakamura’s EPIC Armageddon Chess Battle

After two drawn games, @themagnuscarlsen and @GMHikaru went to armageddon in their mini-match in the Champion’s Chess Tour round robin! Don’t miss this incredible match with commentary from @DanielNaroditskyGM and featuring a shocking bid from Magnus!

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  1. There is so much you can learn about chess from just watching grandmasters play alone, it’s so cool

  2. Magnus did the right thing man lmao hikaru was sure he would under 10 and then he bids 15 an continues to flag him .

  3. Hikaru: no problem beating 50 people in a row.
    Also Hikaru: Loses catastrophically to Magnus.

  4. Да, без читов Наке трудно с Магнусом

  5. Hikaru is such a baby shaking his head that much Lmfao

  6. Magnus is my favorite but what about covering guys like Wesley So

  7. In a alternate universe Hikaru bet 14mins 59 secs

  8. There is a moment i think hikaru should capture magnus's queen instead of taking the knight with his pawn even if magnus would have given a royal fork with his knight but after hikaru would moving the king and loose his queen he could recapture the knight with his rook and he would have win a knight😢.

  9. Oh, NOW you show it? A little late, don't you think?

  10. Why am I always with Magnus on this rivalry?😂 Sorry Hikaru there can only be one King

  11. wait, does hikaru really forget about his knight can take away carlsen's queen? wut? its around 07:18

  12. incredible how many top engine moves magnus did, hikaru was essentially playing against stockfish, i think this damiano opening is not good choice because magnus obviously knows stockfish rutine from start to finish.

  13. That's why the decent player is just, you know, decent.

  14. Once the queenside and center was clarified/locked, Carlsen's positional and time pressure led to Hikaru to commit his g-pawn which spelled the game since it weakened his kingside dark squares. Brilliant patience, poise, and vision, by the GOAT.

  15. Magnus putting back Hikaru pieces..troll continues

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