Magnus Carlsen vs Vasyl Ivanchuk | A Legendary Encounter | FIDE World Cup 2023

The board was set to be on fire as two legends of the game of chess, Magnus Carlsen and Vasyl Ivanchuk faced each other in the fifth round of the FIDE World Cup 2023. Ivanchuk was looking ultra-confident and in great shape while Magnus had a dodgy fourth-round encounter against the German super-talent Vincent Keymer. Watch the exciting video to see what happens in the game.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Did they stop making commentary video for Magnus?

  2. Gm magnus is much rated player and more powerfull strategies than ivanchuk.😊😊😊❤

  3. Respect to magnus for even arranging ivanchuk's pieces at the end

  4. Why vassyl resign whats d nxt move of magnus?

  5. This son of a bitch doesn't touch his mustache, he touches his eyebrows.

  6. Before the match start …
    Ivanchuk has a headache. ..

    Bb4 is useless check …😊

  7. Sir can you please upload an analysis video of this match …. It will be very helpful…

  8. Ivanchuk is my favourite chess player. He’s got a brilliant twitch channel too, very active on it

  9. A bit premature. Ivanchuk should have tried Rc6 instead of resigning. White has a winning position but still has to prove the conversion.

  10. I feel like chuckys mind is not in the game , probably because his country is at war. He seems sad and very distracted.

  11. Уважение Василию Михайловичу.

  12. Boleh sih ada Komentatornya, asal Buah Catur ny jangan Anda Pindah cukup memakai arah arah Panah saja. Kami sebagai penonton biar tidak bingung waktu menonton. Terimakasih sebelumnya 🙏

  13. What do They write on paper while playing chess?

  14. In meanwhile I was watching pragyananda game

  15. Black final position itself was not so disasterous, but it quickly will fall apart when white brings his a-rook to help other pieces and e-passer
    Chucky pretty much saw writing on the wall and said to himself : "I had enough of it, I am too old for this pain and suffering in endgame …"

  16. Future world champion sitting
    behind Ivanchuk


  17. Black Knights were just bystanders. Locked in their barn stables LOL.

  18. Is it only me or white pawns are bigger than black ones😂

  19. That was like a python slowly suffocating his prey

  20. I saw not only at this game, almost at all games of chess…the player move what he need to move on the table-chess then they walk around the hall… this is an indirect form of disrespect for opponent.

  21. Feel distracted while ivanchuck loss but happy magnus respect his opponent like ivanchuck arranging his piece ,how cool magnus was 😎😎🥱

  22. When magbus was younger, ivanchuk could still beat him. But seems magnus has got evenn stronger

  23. Where's the win in the final position? Was it because of the juicer on e6?

  24. Seemed to me a very non fighting passive defence by Ivanchuk. His knights slightly oddly placed ?! Giving his queen bishop away for nothing?! Left kingside slightly weak. Gave Carlsen a standard easy to follow plan, just holding on to the E6 passed pawn, and no obvious counterplay. I would have appreciated some commentary on this game from some grandmasters! It certainly makes chess look mega boring. Ivanchuk was definitely one of the world's best most inventive, and creative of players. I'm sure we all wish him well.👍

  25. Looked so similar to his game vs keperev on the world

  26. Magnus likely will face Ian NepoHeihachi in the semis

  27. where is commentry where is sagar video incomplete without commentory

  28. lmao people watch the whole game and the only thing they find interesting is that how the player arranged pieces, gave handshakes, smiled, etc its so weird wow

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