Magnus Carlsen vs Veselin Topalov – Nanjing Pearl Spring Chess Tournament 2010

This game is from the Nanjing, China Pearl Spring Chess Tournament 2010. It analyzes the Round 5 game of Magnus Carlsen of Norway vs Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria. The opening played was a Closed Ruy Lopez.


Internet Chess Club (ICC)


  1. The Ryu Lopez is supposed to help you build a strong center by disabling the c6 knight, thereby giving you more control over the d4 square. If your bisshop is chased away with the (eventual) pawn to b5 you've created both some tactics (like pawn to a5), some holes in the black defense and a backwards c7 pawn which you can exploit long term. The Ryu Lopez is more versatile and more long term focused, so it's preferred over the Italian game.

  2. It wouldn't be much of an analysis if he did that.

  3. 4.00 ofc Bb7 is not ideal, but i think Be6 could be fine for black. The Ra1 is defended by the queen and the pressure against the Bb3 is annoying for white after the move a4.
    What do you think jerry?

  4. From his Twitch:

    Hi, this is Jerry (age 32).
    I'm a self-taught National Master in chess who has been playing for 24 years.
    It's my hope your experience with the stream is both fun and educational.

  5. 17:55 The knight is very sad and the queen is very lonely.

  6. Dude your commentary is awesome! Every time when I watch your videos I learn some new stuff!!

  7. After white pawn B2-B3, challenging the knight, I didn't understand black's reaction of queen D8-A5. White could then push pawn D4-D5 and two of black's minor pieces would be threatened by pawn captures, with none of the massive exchange stalemate shenanigans that black was hoping for …

  8. Topalov looks like such a badass in the thumbnail

  9. yeah, that seems like a good move… what is wrong with that?

  10. Completely random but to me the narrator's voice sounds almost identical to the incredible poker player Phil Galfond.

  11. after white's d5, black responds Ne5 attacking whites Queen. Then moves bishop.

  12. I really hope anyone reads this, I might have found out the reason for the moves Kh2, Kth7 at 14:21 . It took me about half an hour to figure this out and I really appreciate every single reader 🙂
    White can't play Rxf6 due to …,g7xf6 – b3xc4,Qe1+ (white now has 3 possibilities: Qf1, Qxg3 – c4xb5,Qc3 –> Black has a worse position, but is a pawn up, I think White couldn't push the b-pawn… Black would have an advantage here in my opinion..;
    2. Part in the next comment 😉

  13. 2. possiblity after …, Qe1+: Ktf1, Qxc1 – c4xb5, … –> again Black would be slightly better here in my opinion. Same for …; Qe1+ – Kh2, Qxc1 – c4xb5 etc.
    White would not be happy with the resulting positions of taking the f-knight immediately. he needs to avoid the dangerous …, Qe1+ move by moving the king to h2 first.
    Only after that there is the threat of taking the knight: Rxf6, g2xf6 – b3xc4, b5xc4 (or Bxc4) – Qd2, … –>
    3. Part in the next comment..

  14. –> Now White is in a better position since Black's pawn structure is totally destroyed, but it could also end in a draw. White still is on the safe side as I suppose. So Black retreats his knight after Kh2.
    Thanks a lot for reading!
    I'm really proud of probably having found the thoughts of 2 wonderful chess players although I spent about 100 times more time on that then they did 😀

    Greetings from Austria, your channel is great!
    Paul (:

  15. What's up with the subtitles.  People understand the English language.

  16. Rodrigo Schmidt it does say who is white and who is black… x vs. y means x is white and y is black

  17. Very useful analysis – thanks!
    What I love about this game is Carlsen's subtlety. By the time move 27 is completed:
    1) material and space are equal,
    2) both sides have shed a fair amount of arsenal (a rook, a minor and 3 pawns each), and
    3) there are really no major fireworks,
    conditions, therefore, that would most likely make a position at this stage of a game draw-y. Yet, Magnus has a won game!

  18. youre really a great chess teacher 🙂 glad you are doing this , i improve alot by watching your videos, keep going mate

  19. 17:20 Can't white go Nh5? If pawn takes queen takes balck knight?

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