Magnus Carlsen’s ADVICE to Gukesh Dommaraju

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  1. Why ask Magnus? Brother has only even needed to play in the candidate's 1 time

  2. I am learning Norwegians because of Magnus,takk Magnus

  3. Gukesh turned into Magnus 2.0 with that advice

  4. 2nd best thing of Magnus is his hair treatment (1st thing is, of course, when he streams drunk)

  5. The background music was NOT needed ๐Ÿ’€

  6. Hi there i have a doubt regarding how stockfish operates sorry my English isn't very good but I'll try my best to explain my doubt so please bear with me now let me elaborate , so at around 8:46 levy says taking with knight is the worst of the three but magnus still plays it and later plays a move which although not a lot of time but stills considering it calculates endgame right from the first move stockfish did take time to analyse what magnus played after knight takes rook , so here is my doubt as it was the worst move did it not even consider moves made after this move because it was the worst move and it looks for the best possible moves all the time if anyone does know why please let me know thank you and have a great rest of your day.

  7. I think its not bad to express ur opinions about the things…but i m sure that magnus will be dragged into any controversy just like candidates…so it would have been better for him to not comment on it..

  8. I thought it would be " sit in front of the chess board and play with yourself"

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