Magnus Carlsen’s Final Game

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  1. "You haven't thought of anything for 18 minutes in your life. That's why you have bad grades in school"

    Me finishing exams in 15 minutes so I could go home and play computer games also acing said exams 😂😂

  2. Correction Magnus Carlsen plays the last game as the world champion… for now

  3. I feel bad for the next world champ, everyone is gonna say that they’re still second best to Magnus

  4. Just so you know. I currently do not even want to click to your videos anymore when they have such clickbait titles.

  5. I guess its time for a new king to begin their rein… 🙂

  6. Nah IDC hes still the champion tho HES THE BEST

  7. The championship title loses its meaning when no one considers the champion to be the best current classical chess player. Whoever wins between Ding or Nepo. People will still consider Magnus best

  8. You showed real emotion there, Gotham Chess, an emotion shared by all chest fans. It's a truly monumental thing; Carlsen giving up his world crown. Shame FIDE didn't find a way to convince him to stay on- back to a three year cycle? Carlsen is clearly the best in the world, and the best in history. I'm sure great chess will continue unbounded, but we're going to have an weird situation where the CLEAR best in the world isn't world champion.

  9. Well look on the bright side, the path is clear for Levy to become grand champion now!

  10. There will be no more 10-20 years champion of chess, as the world is ending right now !

  11. "David Howell is not a Gotham-Sub, so hes not going to hang a Rook in 1 move"

    ~ Levy Rozman 2023

  12. "Some of you will get to this position and not know what to do"

    Me: and probably resign on a winning position? Oh yes
    -me an 800

  13. I'm already telling you guys that "Owai mo Sinderu" gonna be used a lot now on spicy finishes .

  14. Hi levy…I'm a big fan of yours..i just started playing chess and I'm in 650+ elo so i was wondering if could send you a gameplay of mine😁

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