Magnus Carlsen’s SECRET Gambit! #shorts

Be like Magnus 😁

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. If they both show up late in the final
    Do both of them lose time now ?

  2. And now that he's playing Magnus in the final, this truly shows that the student can become the master!!

  3. Imagine Praggnandha faces Magnus in the finals and both of them don't show up

  4. Magnus played the game before coming to venue🤔☠️

  5. Those people who fight over Prag and Magnus are so stupid. They both are beast of same category, one experienced and another rising.

  6. I've been saying Praag is going to the next world champion even when Alireza Firouzja was in the spotlight.

    Didn't account for Ding though lol

  7. Pragg even is the World's Greatest Chess player

  8. Something there in that Washroom , please do a bathroom tour and put it on this channel

  9. I just want Magnus to be Praggu's mentor and trainer for Praggu's future

  10. magnus had 30 sec only bro and still won
    magnus came more than 2 min late

  11. But Prag being a fan of Carlsen is s stumbling block in beating the Carlsen. Now, he need to be a rival and envious. Unless he don't feel like that, he will never be able to beat Mag. Remember how bad Magnus was against the Vishy. He also need to be a Magnus to become another Greatest of all time.

  12. Magnus seems like uppal baalu😂😂

  13. When you get the grandmaster title!! You get diarrhea as inheritance

  14. Proud Indian
    It's blessings pouring from heaven this month
    Chandrayan 3
    HS Prannoy

  15. Hikaru once said that if pragg knows he has a winning position, he would take a slow sip of water and it used to freak the opponent .

  16. Difference is he reached there 35 seconds late and magnus was left with 35

  17. magnus started playing chess so that he could beat his sister haha😂😂 end up becoming the goat.

  18. Why do chess players always come late? Because that's the only way of getting famous?

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