Magnus Epic Tournament Recovery!!

Hikaru checks out some of the games played by Magnus Carlsen at the Grand Chess Tour Poland, 2023.


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  1. "former" chess champion… like cmon we all know who the king of chess is

  2. you can barely give commentary without mentioning yourself

  3. Nah, the disrespect we gotta talk about it. Former world chess champion? (Yes I know about ding,no I don't care) magnus is #1 in the world. Period.

  4. Thank you Hikaru! I think you are purposely adjusting your intonation to tell the story of the game at a high level, as would be done in a VERY ELITE BOARDING SCHOOL OR PRIVATE EDUCATION SETTING. As a wayward and wilder musician, I believe I am finallly hearing this as I *edit: believe you intend it, and I would recommed your channel absolutely to parents and children alike who want to experience an amazing education in song & talk & mannerism that gets across the spirit of the game of chess and what it's really all about. I cannot completely articulate this, as I am older and not particularly interested in a career in this game (doing a lot of other things). Nor am I any good at chess. But the teaching style is obvious to me. PLEASE RECOMMEND THIS CHANNEL TO YOUR KIDS. THEY WILL PICK IT UP in ways that many adults are dead to.

  5. 1:00 for those of you wondering this opening is called the Nimzowitch Larsen attack (I'm not sure if I'm spelling it right pls correct me) so I actually use this opening for white, ever since I joined my schools chess club the coach thought me this opening its really solid! only works for white 1. b3 2. bb2 3. e3 4. nf3 5. Bb4 (if there is a knight in c6) if not then 5. be2 6. o-o 7. c4 (queen attack, use the a b c pawns to attack

  6. kinda disappointed. was expecting that stare into the abyssal void at the beginning.

  7. Just love to see magnus win… Something about it

  8. Dudes in jail and still giving us great streamer content.

  9. The last game with the epic nail-biting fight with Duda to clinch the tournament was amazing to watch live.

  10. Welcome to Norway Hikaru. Ready for some mountain-skiing???

  11. When Hik said "welcome back everyone" i thought my player was set to 1.5 speed.

  12. Are you ok?
    Does Magnus have you hostage?
    Play 1.h3 to instigate rescue plan.

  13. Bro is filming from the prison investigation cell

  14. Magnus looks like he just woke up in that thumbnail 😂

  15. Thanks Hikaru great coverage…as usual!

  16. Came here after watching the Agadmator analysis and i have to say there are levels in this chess thing no 🧢…

  17. Hikaru if were kidnapped blink twice

  18. Magnus looks like anyday now he might announce he hates chess and introduce a new variant.

  19. didn't you just compare him to Hans Niemann?

  20. How can chess moves not be human..? Kind of interesting to think that certain moves in a certain position can be “not human”..

  21. why my boy casualy having a loction on the back

  22. After losing one game, Magnus turned it on.

    It shows how dominant he can be when he wants to be.

  23. Well these were 5 min swindles … Carlsen is good at this but I am not sure… what is going on with his deeper analysis.

  24. Sometimes i think Magnus loses games or purpose to get media coverage that he's washed and not good anymore just to prove them wrong again

  25. Others give time advantage Mangnus gives game advantage

  26. The loss now looks like foreplay before Magnus went in forreal ..

  27. Nobody… Litterall nobody… Hikaru "WHALE CUM BACK everyoooooone"

  28. Good recap. I learnt a new pattern when you explained the details of why Wesley played c4.

  29. Bet that lotion behind you got some good use watching this awesome match!

  30. No Magnus ❤today?
    It is always sad when a bromance comes to an end 😥

  31. Nothing gives Hikaru pleasure as saying 'Former World Chess Champion' Magnus Carlsen.

  32. Don’t think you will ever get bored of saying “the former world champion “ 😂😂😂😂

  33. I love how 1.1 loses game on spot in early games when my games swing by 4 points on the regular.

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