Magnus Faces Prodigy Denis! Can Ian & Alireza Get Back To Winning? | Classic 2024 Div I

The $300,000 Classic is the second of four tournaments preceding the Champions Chess Tour live Finals. Carlsen, Firouzja and Keymer earned spots in Division I based on their performance in the Chessable Masters and they’re joined by the world’s best in the top group!


The 2024 Champions Chess Tour (CCT) is’s most important event series of the year with the overall winner being crowned Tour Champion, the highest annual honor conferred by the world’s largest chess platform. The pool for the Tour Finals remains $500,000 making the total available on the Tour a cool $1.7 million. The time control for every stage will be 10+2.

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  1. Tania is one of the very few commentators who has what it takes to make chess mainstream. Perfect host with a contagious energy. Great team with GM Howell. Bravo

  2. Dear Ozzy, we will never meet Woodstock again, for sure, it's "menschliches Versage",
    We won't meet there, and the fridge is never m

  3. What a lovely woman Tania.๐Ÿฅฐโคโค You are beautiful Tania and Howel is is doing great.

  4. Keymer looks like My grandmother ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Tania is beautiful, intelligent, very brave astute commentator and surely can harmonize pretty easily with anyone doing chess analysis. Such a pleasure to have her

  6. some players play chess. But most players see Chess as a game were you are suppose to trade in all pieces as fast as possible and then quit during end game with two pawns left.

  7. David Howell : "A lot of hair raising chess" haha dig at Magnus as always funky hair

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