Magnus, Hikaru & 6 Other Top CCT Players Fight For $500,000! Champions Chess Tour Finals 2023 Day 1

The biggest tour in chess all comes down to this. The top eight players from this year’s Champions Chess Tour have traveled to Toronto for the LIVE Finals to determine the 2023 champion! The final week of competition features chess legends Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura, fan favorites Fabiano Caruana, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Wesley So, as well as young superstars Nodirbek Abdusattorov, Alireza Firouzja, and Denis Lazavik!


The Champions Chess Tour is a massive chess circuit including six events that took place throughout the year. The 2023 CCT Finals is the closing event of’s most important event to date with the top 8 players meeting in Toronto, Canada, in a thrilling last clash for the title and their share of the overall $2,000,000 tour prize fund. Join GothamChess, Robert Hess, David Howell, Tania Sachdev and more for all the coverage!

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  1. This production was a complete embarrassment. Utter failure. Ruined otherwise exciting games. Spend more money on your production and equipment and less on commentators that nobody wants to hear.

  2. Great chess, great commentary, rubbish technology for the analysis boards and a cameraman who’s been on the sauce or a wobble board. Frustrating.

  3. Advice for everyone: if you don’t want to experience massive loss of braincells, do not open the YouTube live chat.

  4. The online board was awful. The viewing angle of the actual board was also awful. It's a pity that this important competition is directed like this

  5. Terrible production
    Commentary subpar due to production (not their fault, the production crew was terrible)
    Constant downplay/underrating of players (Wesley/Fabi especially)
    Barely any move analysis
    Main analysis board not even visible on screen 3/4 the time, like wtf?

  6. Amazing chess, production seems like it's trying to be more than it needs to be. Just show the moves and the players that's all we want.

  7. when jumping to a new game, please just show the position immediately. makes no sense to have commentators talking about a game we can’t see

  8. 1:16:00
    Really tired of these technical screwups, when commentators onscreen have to cover and fill for incompetence behind the scenes, and spectators cannot follow the action just when it gets fast and interesting, in this very important high-stakes tourney. Infuriating.

  9. Hopefully the quality of production improves. Frustrating to not see whats going on

  10. Sorry but the technical production was just an absolute shamble! Elo -10000

  11. This is so hard to watch, camera angles, board switching when things get exciting…
    too much of the screen is focused elsewhere than the games..

  12. Hot take: this is your signature event — Don’t just show us a camera of the players faces, show us the actual board. If DGT isn’t working, just show us an overhead.

  13. What is this camera work? 😅dogma chess?

  14. Look at hikaru reaction when he gets crushed = literally doesn't care xD


  16. Chesscom production team:
    Resolve technical issues: Nooo
    Hikaru putting on belt: Yessss!
    Get your priorities straight please

  17. just some bullshit talks nobody is even interested to listen
    Work on your production

  18. U need to film the board from above so we can see whats happening. In Norwegian broadcast they have a guy that actually moves the pieces manually on a digital board so the audience can whatch? This production isnt very enjoyable.

  19. Thanks for ruining event. The worst production ever

  20. Focus on showing the analysis chess board 90% of the time so we see what’s going on…

  21. “Chess champions tour” sounds better than “champions chess tour”

  22. unwatchable, do these guys think they on the radio or something, for gods sake take a breath and just talk (calmly) about the current board situation.

  23. Gg, but that was some pretty boring commentary

  24. The slow-mo of hikaru and MVL crossing there arms made me burst out laughing hahaha. Love all these guys

  25. Tania …the young players are not afraid of Magnus! Both young players lose to Magnus!!!

  26. Awful production.
    Please improve this for the rest of the event.

  27. Does anyone know the song playing at the beginning?

  28. The mg and im commentators say black's plan is easy against magnus (the magician), and it' an easy draw – a few moves later black resigns. These gm and im commentators are worse than me in understanding where game-play goes in magnus's games 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. I bet Kramnik thinks it's very interesting Hikaru and MVL bid the same bid. Pretty rare.

  30. I keep saying this, but take away engine analysis from the commentary. It's ridiculous for commentators to do their commentary while literally staring at 'the answer', and it degenerates into cringe when commentators are just blindly reading the engine bar.

  31. Maybe put your subscription cash to good use .. like maybe stop in to Best Buy to pick up some basic production equipment?

  32. Wesley said he hasn’t much problems in the opening, some body tell him he would lose his Q by a4 in move 16

  33. There's been a few hiccups with a camera, but i like the idea! Kinda looks like a video game

  34. 2:00:33 'and we see yet another action replay….' – without anyone asking for it, of no use to anyone , just another delay, a nuisance and distraction, and this tournament's novelty among the growing evidence that someone in the technical staff needs badly to be fired….

  35. Is it my bad english or she keeps saying “from Iran” ?

  36. I just love the fact that this event is OTB. There's something incredibly elegant and mesmerizing watching actual physical pieces move on the board, the intimacy, nerves breaking down and pieces flying off the board cannot be matched in an online environment. This also is a form of celebration. Bringing the people together. I actually think it's more important now than ever before.

  37. 2:15:00 yet another critical exciting moment of this first round RUINED by tech screwups. We only get a dim distant side-view of the live board because the tech crew is totally incompetent. grrr.

  38. 2:26:30 'no link' – new low-level nerd-speak for us, and yet another brand-new screwup for the tech team, another critical, fast-paced game we get to watch from the sidelines without a decent view or eval, because they just can't get it together, while the commentators feel they have to lie to us and pretend everything is normal and just fine…. This is no time for Amateur Hour.

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