Magnus Looks to Climb Points Table as Fabiano & Gukesh Seek to Extend Lead | Norway Chess 2023 Rd 2

The 2023 Norway Chess is an elite over-the-board tournament contested by top grandmasters Magnus Carlsen, Alireza Firouzja, Anish Giri, Wesley So, Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, and more! This year’s event features a kr$2,500,000 prize fund (roughly equivalent to $234,000) and takes place in Stavanger, Norway.

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  1. 3:58:00 Once again we have an inferior graphical layout, with far too much time and space devoted simply to a picture of the contestants, a tiny board whose pieces are hard to see, and NO CLOCK TIMES.

  2. WHY is it forbidden to say Gukesh's last name?! It can't be because they're afraid of long last names—look at some of the others!!!

  3. Gukesh got a little schooling today from Nakamura.

  4. great coverage. thanks for prioritizing the eval bar for the noobs.

  5. Love the player commentary (Hikaru) during the games awesome idea should be done more often.

  6. Glad you are covering these events.
    However, all the breaks and dead air are tough to understand.

  7. Alireza putting fashion on the board i love it keep up the good work lil bruh much respect nice. bounce back

  8. Wisely looked like 1400 player when he played Armagaden against magnus, he was thinking 1 level deep at max!

  9. 4:26:41 blacks moves rf1 and is checkmate . Whatever whites does loose ( sorry for bad english )

  10. Great energy in the studio… my personal favourite is Judit but they are all great and seem to have fun which makes it fun to watch

    Hope Fabi wins it all!!! 💪

  11. This trio of commentators are fantastic, love the back and forth. Still miss Danny Danya and Bob though.

  12. recently chess commentary has improved a lot. this tournament's commentary is one of the best i've seen

  13. This is vey lightweight. Some of us like a bit, or a lot, more analysis, especially considering this appears to be the only stream of the tournament.

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