Magnus v Fedoseev & Denis v Jospem in Winners SF! Who’ll Flinch First? Chessable Masters 2024 Day 4

The 2024 Chessable Masters is the first of four events preceding the Champions Chess Tour live Finals. The winner of the event pockets $30,000 and guarantees a spot at the CCT Finals. Carlsen, Vachier-Lagrave and Fedoseev have already earned spots in the Chessable Masters Division I based on their performance in 2023’s last CCT event!


The 2024 Champions Chess Tour (CCT) is’s most important event series of the year with the overall winner being crowned Tour Champion, the highest annual honor conferred by the world’s largest chess platform. New for 2024, each regular season event has had its prize pool increased from $235,000 last year to $300,000β€”the largest ever offered for CCT events outside the Tour Finals. The pool for the Tour Finals remains $500,000 making the total available on the Tour a cool $1.7 million. Also new for 2024, the time control for every stage will be 10+2.

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  1. Terrible production without the studio, I'm tuning out

  2. The 17-year-old has done a marvelous job so far, but now, he faces Magnus. Magnus will beat Lazavik in the winner's final.

  3. "A back ranker, a back spanker" is an early 2024 challenger for commentator bar of the year 🀣🀣🀣

  4. Remember when these were beautifully produced studio shows that professionalized the broadcast.

  5. When Denis sips his water, you know it's over.

  6. What is sachdev doing here? Maybe ten years younger and with no microphone, it would have been barely acceptable.

  7. my rating is terrible recently, youtube AI suggest i become a bank robber

  8. Can anyone tell me why Magnus moved forward while Fedoseev went to the losers bracket when they tied?

  9. Why jose didn't slide the rook to a2 when it was forked with queen to protect its bishop at a5??

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