Magnus v Hikaru! GOATs Meet Again 2nd Year in a Row! Speed Chess Championship 2023 Final !coinbase

It’s time for the biggest matchup in chess as Magnus Carlsen attempts to take down FIVE-time champ Hikaru Nakamura in the 2023 Speed Chess Championship Final presented by Coinbase! The SCC is the strongest online speed chess event in the world and our finalists have defeated a field including Alireza Firouzja, Fabiano Caruana, Gukesh, MVL, and Ian Nepomniachtchi in a quest for the title, and their share of the $150,000 prize fund!

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  1. I know because I've played Blitz a lot. Carlsen must have ripped his clothes off during the break, opened the window and screamed. And I changed into a new outfit.

  2. What a match it was! Both are phenomenal in fast time controls. But not a fan of Hikaru's milking the clock strategy… I guess he regretted it when he was trailing.

  3. Casuals when I explain I'm gonna watch speed chess: "WhY dO tHeY nEeD tO pLaY foR ThReE hOuRs??"

    THIS IS WHY!! Amazing match!

  4. Magnus just giving honest answers to whether others are good and when he is satisfied. Magnus is the best chess player in the world and top 2 in Blitz. Of course he expects nothing less than crushing opponents, from himself. What else should he strive for? Some people will never be happy with an answer 🙂

  5. 4:18:10 "I'm keeping the kings on the board" – sure, great strategic decision 😀

  6. What a great speech from Hikaru👏 What a respect to Magnus

  7. Magnus putting the immensely obnoxious clock staller in his place as always. Nothing better in chess.

  8. Fantastic presentation of the tournament. Special mention for Danya who was there throughout. Great stuff to watch.

  9. This is like Hikaru no Go, you need 2 strong adversaries to keep the game alive and fun.

  10. Danya + Aman commentary was so awesome! Hilarious combo.
    Danya has been such a joy to have here because he can genuinely and consistently keep up with a lot of the lines players are thinking about, and the practical implications on the position. I'd be completely lost without his commentary. It's a treat we have someone so well spoken who happens to be a top 10 (or better) player in the format. Was awesome for this match to be a nail biter too. Chess fans just keep winning :3

  11. 3:00:15 i know he lost the match, but the way hikaru looked at magnus through the camera here was totally badass

  12. Hikaru's humility when he himself said it wasn't a rivalry with Magnus – claiming that it is always one-sided — Magnus being greater than him.

    But man, people know he was Magnus' archenemy.

    Both great.

    Hats off to Hikaru's humbleness.

  13. Not to resign in order to reach the next segment is just outright unfair. Not everything that is allowed by the rules and thus ligitimate is fair play. But I honestly did not expect fair play.

  14. If you guys keep on simulating plays over the game and moving pieces you make it hard for me to follow the development of the game tbh

  15. hikaru calling people in the chat " morons " … true class!

  16. 51:02 is sooo funny. Hikaru going Ba6 accompanied by "yea, that's what's up"-stare down on Magnus (you see his eyes shifting to the other screen, where I assume he has Magnus), just to discover when he looks back at the board that he actually lost a piece. Hilarious

  17. Lol Magnus throwing the Hans quote in his interview

  18. Typical Naroditsky giving Hikaru a reach-around by claiming that he's maintained a rivalry with Magnus for a decade – something Naroditsky knows is absolutely untrue.

  19. why tf danya sucks naka so much I mean he literally kept on appreciating naka this and naka that and for magnus he says, "oh he almost messed that up. he overpressed and bla bla and bla. " he is literally unbearable whenever naka plays.

  20. Poor Hikaru, playinyg the clock as always since playing the board is aparently not where he shines… I wish the finals had been against MVL

  21. Magnus Carlsen x Hikaru Nakamura is always a great fight 👏

  22. Magnus is not satisfied until he dominates and crushes all.

  23. Final Boss of Chess # Magnus carlsen(Goat)

  24. Hikaru aint goat bro. Stop hyping

    Magnus goat

  25. They say hikaru compete magnus also otb
    Both head to head score and magnus has 15 total wc titles
    Hikaru 0

  26. Great game, however the whole letting time run out is something that goes against “good sportsmanship”. 3:21:46

  27. I think chess is the only sport where the commentary is just op. I have to listen to these dudes and watch their analysis board instead of just watching the damn game itself.

  28. Danya trying to defend the time stalling is so ridiculous. There are a very small minority of delusional people who think this is a respectable part of the game. And it's always the classless Hikaru that does it.

  29. im happy we have someone who can face magnus with a real chance chess would be so much more boring if we didnt have hikaru in speed chess and maybe we would have lost magnus already if there would be not this competition and motivation to beat hikaru in the speed part of chess. thanks to all ppl involved great event great coverage

  30. Hikaru started milking clock too early. Serves right that it came to bite him back.

  31. @4:39:58 – did anyone else notice Magnus' sly smile and the glint in his eye when he was quoting Hans Niemann? I didn't see anyone in the comments mentioning this.

  32. Magnus' greatest feat in this match was his ability to refresh himself up after Hikaru's monster onslaught in 3+1. Most players would just crumple after receiving a beating like that.

  33. After 2 games, the Lakers would be leading the series 2-0. Following a 29 points performance in Game 2, Kobe was asked during his postgame presser why he looked unhappy. His response?

    “What’s there to be happy about? Job’s not finished. Job finished? No, I don’t think so.”

  34. Hikaru and Magnus make each other better just like Ronaldo and Messi. Its a great friendly rivalry

  35. hey.. I got 1 cheater while playing, the cheater's username: The_Ashk

  36. I guess Naka burning time really backfired in the end

  37. SCC has really grown into the premiere event in the chess world, surpassing even the world title in terms of prestige. I'd argue the SCC winner is more endeared by fans, as the dominant player in the most watched form of chess today: online speed chess.

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