Magnus vs. Fabiano! Will He Bounce Back From His Defeat To Climb Leaderboard? Norway Chess 2024 Rd 4

Norway Chess is one of the world’s most prestigious chess tournaments, bringing together top players from around the globe to compete in a six-player double round-robin in Stavanger, Norway. World number-one, Magnus Carlsen, is joined by world champion, Ding Liren, former World Championship challenger, Fabiano Caruana, as well as chess superstars Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja and Praggnanandhaa!

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  1. Hikaru looks like he's dressed like Jim Halpert lowkey ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Danny โ€ฆ probably a nice guy. But when he is commentating I can not watch.

  3. Hikaru really thinks he's top 10 all-time? That's pretty fanciful.

  4. How does Hikaru recite the game from his mind?

  5. Danny said Hyper-bowl instead of hyperbole…dude has been awkward and cringe everyday.

  6. Day 1 Anna and David were great as usual. Since then you can notice both of them, especially Anna, dancing around Danny's awkwardness.

  7. I couldn't watch the live broadcast, but what a match from the greatest of all time Magnus. Magician Magnus

  8. Is this a cooking show? What's with all the chicks?

  9. I'm no IM, but I'm pretty sure Magnus wouldn't be #1 in the world for 10+ years if he "doesn't like to defend ". It's not that he doesn't like to defend, it's that a lot of players don't attack him and are happy to play for a draw. But again…I'm no Danny.

  10. Hikarus 99.8% accuracy is fucking insane…

  11. Poor Ding, this is classical chess and he still on the bottom of standings. Ding also not in a good shape at previous rapid and blitz poland, and also at Freestyle chess. What Happened???


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