Magnus vs. Hikaru | Airthings Masters – Winners Final | Can Carlsen Avenge His SCC Loss To Nakamura?

Featuring the reigning Champions Chess Tour winner, Magnus Carlsen, and Global Champion, Wesley So, the new season kicks off with the Airthings Masters; the first of six star-studded tournaments! A record $2 million prize pot will be on offer in the 2023 season of the Champions Chess Tourโ€”making it the richest and most prestigious annual circuit in chess history.


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  1. Draws all the way through should not be a win, silly rules

  2. Magnus smashing heads ๐ŸŽƒ again. Wesley So What? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Hope we see a new change sorta bored of Armageddon (at least when one player has 15 if itโ€™s 10 vs like 6/7 then itโ€™s a lot more intense)

  4. Worst Hikaru clock management Iโ€™ve ever seen.

  5. Best the bidding system. Haha more entertainment

  6. David Howell is such a Magnus Carlsen fanboy it's honestly making him so annoying as a commentator…

  7. Is it just me, or doesn't it make more sense to keep the live board in the middle, and the commentator board on the right???

  8. It is a terrible viewer experience when your software misses all the moves in the end game…..

  9. cant they easily look at a chess engine if theyre in their own homes? what measure did they take to prevent them from cheating?

  10. Teleport chess. You should add some animations for premoves as well

  11. Armageddon seems kinda dumb. Every one I've been seeing black win cause of stupid draw =win

  12. we need Room Rater to address these gentlemen's playing environments. Really hikaru? A mattress????

  13. I'm just sayin, Tania out here callin all the best plays way, way before they happen. She's crushing it, and she brings a lot of good intensity and excitement to the cast.

  14. That 8 min 59 sec vs 8 min 58 sec bid is absolutely crazy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜…

  15. Armageddon sounds exciting on paper but needs improvements to be enjoyable, coming from a viewers perspective

  16. I didnโ€™t catch the name of the womenโ€™s IM commentator, but really like her insightful comments.

  17. For the love of God stop analyzing the games while they're playing just use the live board and talk

  18. The mental game was pretty much over when hikaru thought he outsmarted with 59 and magnus read him and put 58. It kind of just reflects their rivalry throughout the years very well. Hikaru always seems one step behind, but the only one who can be a decent opponent consistently.

  19. I'm digging the interior design of these GM's rooms. Hikaru with the mattress against the wall is a touch of class I've rarely seen in homes. Can't tell if he's going for the traditional, industrial, or minimalist style there.

  20. Chess 24 has upped their broadcast game immensely!! Well done guys!!

  21. Can anyone tell me what the hell happened at 2:32:42 ?????? Plzzz
    I'm super confused

  22. Chesscom is very clever with this format so we all can get magnus vs hikaru 2 times so we don't have to wait much for this rematch๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  23. Can you show all the moves?? When they take back right away the screen just skips 2-3 moves which is very annoying… If it's too fast give us the replay at the very least

  24. Love you both Magnus & Hikaru! That Indian girl is hot!

  25. Hoping Arjun will beat both Wesley So and Hikaru ๐Ÿคž

    That will give him a lot of confidence

  26. Commentator Tier List
    S: Peter Leko, Tania
    A: David Howell, Svidler
    B: GingerGm, Hess
    C: Canty, Benjamin Bok
    D: Danya
    F: Danny

  27. I donโ€™t like when a draw decides winner of title

  28. Can someone tell me why a draw caused hikaru to lose the match is there some points system or something that I'm unaware of

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