Magnus vs Hikaru: The Speed Chess Championship Final for $20K! | SCC 2022

The biggest SCC match in YEARS is here with five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen taking on four-time Speed Chess champion Hikaru Nakamura in the 2022 SCC Championship Match! Since Carlsen won the inaugural 2017 edition, Nakamura has claimed the last four! Who will become the Speed Chess Champion this year?

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  1. Black Pianist in Japan / カリブ海ピアニスト says:

    One day they will maybe remove the 1s increment everywhere 😎

  2. I cant imagine sitting in your room in a hoodie fighting for a championship.

  3. when it comes to speed chess nobody out matches hikaru and he has proven it time to time.

  4. The speed demon devoures the World Champ 🫠no sweat

  5. Hikaru losing on time while stalling would've been the ultimate karma moment x)

  6. Dear Hikaru many congratulations, to me you are simple THE best! It is not by case your name means "Pioneer"

  7. Its great to see Magnus, probably the best ever so far, embrace speed chess and not just traditional chess. Speed chess is a great way to build prize pools for the players, more pros better chess.

  8. That video feed switch animation covering the playing field is kinda annoying. Could you not just animate the sides

  9. Love Daniel Naroditsky's commentary! He is such an amazing chess player and teacher!!

  10. As soon as B C7 Daniel jumped off the chair that was funny so much passion

  11. Waaooo what a game by both legends…. Superb… ♥

  12. My favorite Magnus ♥, respect for Nakamura… He is like a bot 😅

  13. Can't believe they didn't ask Magnus about the one move blunder.

  14. Well done Nakamura. And a massive shout out to Daniel and Hess for the entertaining and informative commentary.

  15. So from a complete amateur (I barely know how the rules are) if hikaru didnt bleed out every time, magnus wouldve won?

  16. Aliraza was missing. Would have made this tournament even more interesting.

  17. $10k prize to winner of such strong tournament is a joke …

  18. He should have checked on rook to H3
    Also, y'all are way too hyped about this its distracting.

  19. International Master-grand master-supreme commander

  20. The plural is actually "asparageese". says:

    🎶 We want duck chess, we want duck chess
    Quack quack quack, quack quack quack
    Give us duck on mobile, give us duck on mobile
    Don't? That's whack! Don't? That's whack! 🎶

  21. glad there is a mute button when watching these videos

  22. Magnus is such a mood with his comfy hoodie in his messy room just playing chess championship like its a twitch stream convo

  23. Many people seem to think this feature of bleeding out the clock in SCC matches doesn't add entertainment value, but as Hess and Naroditsky point out, it helps players win. I like this thinking.

  24. I love that they have a close match it would be cool if they continued, but it was a very intense battle between both

  25. lets hope we see something similar in the WC (world championship)

  26. I cannot imagine that Japanese moron have fans and followers
    With this attitude
    Disgusting 🤢🤮

  27. Magnus hanging that bishop is not a one off. Don't forget about Magnus hanging a queen last year vs Hikaru in the Agadmator Christmas tourney. I've never seen Hikaru blunder a piece like that.

  28. Hess & Naroditsky are fantastic commentators, please prioritise that combination on future broadcasts.

  29. such an enthralling match. stellar chess, thrilling commentary, a fantastic watch.

  30. Best match I've seen and best interviews as well,Naka and Magnus are such class acts. Hats off to Hess and Danya for hosting such a spectacular event.

  31. This is a billion times more exciting than football or soccer.

  32. I believe SCC is the best chess event on the planet in terms of entertainment value, format, ease of watching (for casual AND advanced players), and most importantly… easy to follow format.

    SO MANY chess tournaments are unnecessarily complicated for average chess fans like myself, in terms of how many games are played, who plays who (and why), when each game will be played, etc. Literally almost all high level OTB tournaments (and even most online tournaments) are almost cryptic, as if organizers don’t WANT people to tune in. Like, you have to religiously follow and read every post on r/Chess to know when tournaments are going to begin and what the rules are.

    SCC is just a straightforward, elimination-based tournament consisting of fun, fast-paced chess with great commentary teams. It’s come a long way from the days of Danny Rensch constantly interrupting the games to show his analysis without a live board visible. In fact, last time Hikaru and Magnus played each other in SCC, we missed actual checkmates and game conclusions, while Danny was showing his analysis on the board WITHOUT showing the live game. It was completely ludicrous – to have the biggest names in chess playing in speed chess games where every second matters – and continuously cut away for 20+ seconds at a time game after game. To this day, despite being a HUGE fan of Hiky and Magnus, I have been unable to watch more than 5 minutes of that tournament replay. It just infuriates me so much to be all excited to see how a position will unfold, only for Danny to remove the game from our view to show his thoughts on certain lines and moves that he would play. Sooo unspeakably unsportsmanlike and just ridiculous in every way. Fortunately he does seem to have learned from that experience and changed the stream format – and rightfully took a backseat during future finals matchups.

  33. You guys realize you just took 10 minutes of people's Data with that bullshit you do in the beginning of your video have some shame

  34. first time beating le magnito congrats hikky

  35. DN and RH are the best duet of chess comentator ever!

  36. Hikaru played chess on top of chess by bleeding out the clock. Magnus was too focused on the game 😂😂😂😂

  37. Русскоязычный адвокат Давиде Побережский says:

    congrats Hikaru, very happy for u!

  38. simple request: why can't you guys offer the move list of each game as an option? Why do i never see this option anywhere???? lol

  39. Love Daniel Naroditsky's commentary! He is such an amazing chess player and teacher!!

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