Magnus vs. Hikaru! With 3 Wins In A Row Can Magnus Make It 4? Norway Chess 2024 Rd 7

Norway Chess is one of the world’s most prestigious chess tournaments, bringing together top players from around the globe to compete in a six-player double round-robin in Stavanger, Norway. World number-one, Magnus Carlsen, is joined by world champion, Ding Liren, former World Championship challenger, Fabiano Caruana, as well as chess superstars Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja and Praggnanandhaa!

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  1. Magnus need to win this not that se has to prove anyone

  2. 10 sec increment has to be min. Moving hands need 1 sec

  3. Ding is a very down to earth person … He is never complacent … He also comes with mother , which means he is a gentleman … He might surprise you very much …. I am fine with that. .. He being chinese is the only thing i dont like about him ..

  4. Magnus people say lots of shiet . Ignore it. Including me. You are awesome man!!!. You cant be on top all the time. it takes lots energy out of people. Everything is a cycle.

  5. Caught that Hikaru stereotype. Disappointed

  6. Idiotic format, it was obvious from the moment magnus had less than 15s that he'll flag and commentators saw it and knew it, but they didnt reacted unless he had already had 0.1s on clock and few times almost flagged. It's impossible to make move in less than one second on the board, and you have to think about it and figure out the move at the same time.. idiots.

  7. Love the trolls….They now love Hikaru….but they forget that King Magnus is in the lead by half a point!! 5 time world champion…..won everything possible!!

  8. The oganisers won't stick with the one-second increment for armageddon next year. Given that it basically takes one second to physically move a piece and hit the clock, it's an incredibly stupid increment.

  9. did these two who broke the world record sleep in 61 hours ??

  10. did they go against the P.C on the last game for the day fabiano firouzia dont like p.C

  11. Why are chess tournaments split between men and women? I mean it feels like a game that should allow Males and females to compete against each other? What gives?

  12. I think this is not Ding, hikaro said, he was playing with a different person, a very possible scenario that this might be Ding twin from another mother.

  13. He lost twice to hikaru. he lost his magic

  14. The confessional booth is unsportsmanlike and cheating. Shame on Norway Chess and any tournament that allows it. Total carnival scene.

  15. ding liren's situation is so heartbreaking. i think he should take a huge break and reset his mentality

  16. Metaphorically speaking, and just to set the records straight, a lot was lost in translation and lot was truncated and even deformed. My metaphor was related to majority of "invading species" in places I worked in. So automatically it rules out the black people. Also, my metaphor wasn't about belittling the "invading species" because they didn't decide to become a majority in my workplace. Diversity in a workplace is good for a workplace and good managers know how to keep a good and healthy relative equilibrium that doesn't have to be in absolute equal shares.

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