Massive BLUNDER decides the CHAMPIONSHIP! | Bristy vs Bommini | Tata Steel Asian Junior Girls Blitz

It was the final round of the Tata Steel Asian Juniors Girls Blitz Championships. Bristy Mukherjee had a half-point lead over the field, and in the final round she was up against WIM Mounika Akshaya Bommini with the White pieces.

Bommini was trailing by half a point, so this was a must-win game for her to win the tournament! Check out what happened in this thrilling encounter.

Video: ChessBase India
Created by: Himank Ghosh

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  1. 4:15 is a very simple tactic known as clearence sac here it was ne5+ which forces bxe5 after rf7+ rxf7 is almost forced and here the key part is qxf7 comes with a check after the king moves we pick up the bishop and go into a 2 v 4 pawn endgame which although a draw white might try to create some chances it"s quite suprising to see a 1700 fide mis this

  2. 00:05look at the ratings, i knew that black will win even if white had better position,,, these kids are way too fast,,,, she is Woman international master, she handled position carefully,,,,

  3. This is the type of chess game that illustrates why chess still isn't popular across BIG parts of the English speaking world. Saying this as someone who loves chess. What happened here is, of course, entirely within the rules…but it "feels" like a brutal steal. It doesn't feel sporting 😢.

  4. Hey chessbase India can you guide me how to get a FIDE rating

  5. Brutal man. She could have just traded the queens and it was still winning

  6. She should exchange queen and gone into endgame

  7. When rg7 white could hv gone ne5+.if be5 rf7+

  8. I can feel her, It always happens with me. With a piece up. I have lost many games. It sucks

  9. At 4:15 computer bar shows both are equal but how is it? Isn't white queen going anyhow which means black bar should be much ahead? Or am I missing something

  10. Oh my god ! That was heartbreaking for Brishti ……. at 4:13 Qxg6 was a blunder because of …Bxd4+ and white loses queen . But Black made the blunder by playing …Rg7 which is apparently the easier one to spot in less time to take the queen . And I thought it was all planned by Brishti because …Rg7 is immediately met with Ne5+!! . If black refuses to take knight then white simply plays Qxg7 first , taking rook and then recapturing queen , winning exchange . If black continues with …Bxe5 then white has Rf7+! And after …Rxf7 Qxf7+ and followed by dxe5 the game is equalized with slight advantage for white (EDIT : I think it may be even winning for white because at the end white will have 2 passed pawns on a and h file so white just requires to forcefully trade the Queens) . But I really didn't expect Brishti to actually give away her Queen instantly by capturing the rook

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