MATINDING SACRIFICE NA TUMALO KAY MAGNUS! MVL vs Carlsen! Fide Blitz World Chess Championship 2023

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  1. kaya nga coach sinusuki si Wesley KC talagang mabigat mga tirada ni mvl…😅😅

  2. Si MVL madalas tumatalo kay magnus sa mga tournament a

  3. Happy new year sir and to the whole family♥️🎉

  4. Happy new year po coach. Tagal ako nag antay sa upload haha

  5. Parang Anand vs Kasparov noong PCA WCC

  6. Lakas ni magnus endgame kahinaan opening that's how to heat magnus


  8. Thank you Coach FM DC for your untiring and energetic way of Chess broadcasting! Happy New Year and more subscribers to come…

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