Ludwig’s Mogul Chessboxing Championship is brought to you by Fansly! Make sure you check out all the behind the scenes footage here:

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00:00 – Intro
5:48 – Spud vs 2Saint
27:20 – Fiction vs KJH
1:02:21 – BoxBox vs Stanz
1:30:51 – ABroadInJapan vs Overtflow
2:15:03 – HugS vs Toph
2:33:18 – Chessbrah vs Lawrence Trent
2:54:16 – Andrea Botez vs Dina Belenkaya
3:30:59 – Cherdleys vs Myth
4:10:59 – DisguisedToast vs PointCrow
4:42:41 – Ludwig vs CdawgVA

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  1. boxbox actually boxed well like from a guy with no experience he has great combos lol

  2. 2023 is gonna be a great year if this has become our culture

  3. Dina should feel horrible lol. Andrea smokes her and the ref should of called tko

  4. Yea not goona lie schallts advert was so fuking funny that i didn't skip a single advertising

  5. Ahh if the ref didn’t jump in with Botez & Dina, dina 100% would’ve been on that floor lmao.

  6. stanz casually kissed somebody from the croud

  7. Have andrew tate compete in this and he would dominate lol

  8. Myth vs Cherdleys reminded me of Ali vs Chuck Wepner. That guy showed heart and kept moving forward

  9. Dam that queen blunder by crow must have felt devastating

  10. Ok we get it!!! The first people were 'gassed'. Stop sounding so shocked. Like it's mind-bongling that two pro-gamers are not peak-shape athletes.

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