Must Win for Hikaru vs Nodirbek as Wesley, Gukesh, & Anish Try to catch Fabiano | Norway Chess 2023

The 2023 Norway Chess is an elite over-the-board tournament contested by top grandmasters Magnus Carlsen, Alireza Firouzja, Anish Giri, Wesley So, Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, and more! This year’s event features a kr$2,500,000 prize fund (roughly equivalent to $234,000) and takes place in Stavanger, Norway.

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  1. Who are the idiots directing the game away from the Hikaru arm game? We missed everything in both games!

  2. 😱 NO creo que MAGNUS está acabado.
    Lo que PASA es que ESTA en la VERSIÓN de ser HUMANO. 😳😳😜

  3. Why is it so damn hard to put the g.d. playlist in order , instead of making us sort through titles every match to find the next one and trying to avoid seeing spoilers. Such mediocre minds everywhere in charge of wbsites. grrr.

  4. Truly ridiculous decision to switch off the Naka-Abdusattorov game at such a critical moment. Even the commentators were puzzled why the switch was made.

  5. Alireza should really focus more on Chess bruh

  6. Magnus "not motivated and planning to flush out some moves and take it to armageddon" – you got that right, it does not seem Carlsen likes classic chess much anymore. He also did same thing during WC vs Karjakin and Caruana – let's draw and go to fast chess approach

  7. 🤦🏻‍♂️ come here to watch gukesh's game but as usual they didn’t show us properly, even the end game🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Whoever controls the view of the boards is an incompetent fool. It's been a frustration throughout the tournament but today's debacle takes the cake.

  9. Has anyone got any idea, which opening Fabi’s Chessable course could be about?

  10. Fabi was brilliant this tournament. I hope he beats hikaru tommorow

  11. David and Jovanka are the goats of live chess commentating

  12. Sad to see Gukesh Aryan not covered, AT ALL!

  13. Why such a exiting game of gukesh not covered… 😡

  14. Now we saw on this tournament that magnus is the underdog. I guess he's tired getting some titles after many titles he had.

  15. bad camera switchs . Nakamura vs abdusatarov was critical

  16. Was not must win obviously. Click bait title. MUST WIN tomorrow though.

  17. I'm not sure why Hikaru thinks we want to hear about the other games from him. Shut the F up and just talk about your game.

  18. why don't they try to flag?? 1second is just physically not enough otb but they are resigning when the opponent has 5 seconds

  19. Switching away from crucial position for white in armageddon where the only person who can challenge Fabi in the last round is losing to a game with eval bar showing literally 0.0 between two people in the middle of the table * OUTSTANDING MOVE***

  20. Whoever the “producer” is, really needs to take a seat and stfu.
    Clearly he or she doesn’t know anything about chess.

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