MVL Meets Magnus Again! Can MVL’s Sheer Grit Beat The World #1 in Grand Finals? | AI Cup 2023

The inaugural AI Cup is the sixth and last regular season knockout as the race to reach the CCT Finals of this year’s prestigious $2 million tour reaches its climax! Magnus Carlsen, the world number-one and reigning Tour champion, takes center stage in Division I having qualified as winner of the previous leg.

The Champions Chess Tour 2023 (CCT) is a massive chess circuit that includes six events that take place throughout the year and end with live in-person Finals. Featuring the world’s top players and a prize fund of $2,000,000, the CCT is’s biggest event thus far.

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  1. saying MVL wins because Magnus wasn't on shape ? lol, did you see the crazy nice complicated opening choice he played in game 1 of 2nd match ? you must be in shape to play that. MVL was just really stronger today

  2. In AI Cup Magnus MVL had 11 games. Magnus managed to win only 1!

  3. Damn dropped Magnus by 50 points while rising his own by over 100 what a series by MVL love to see Magnus get humbled after all that rival tier talk. As Magnus would say “ play better chess” hopefully he heeds his own advise.

  4. 4:00:55

    mr. Howell in hurry was wrong. Black is not checkmated, but position is lost.
    After 1…Rxf6 2.exf6 Nd5 3. f7+ Kd7 4.f8=Q+ Kc8 5.Qff7 Nc7 white has now 2 queens and rook against black queen, rook and knight. And white h-passer is more dangerous than black d-passer.
    I played final position against Stockfish and won without problems. If amateur club player can do it, world top 20 player can easily convert it. That is why Carlsen resigned. He is not going to waste time with positions where opponent has +10 advantage. ( SF valuation )

  5. 'Sudah ku duga MVL mampu tuk mengalahkan Magnus… SEBAB perhitungannya identik perhitungan ku dgn pertimbangan siapa yg lebih duluan mat karena menang satu langkah sangatlah berarti tuk mendapatkan kemenangan mutlak.'

  6. No one is sleeping on MVL capabilities or underrating him. Stop making him sound like some kind of victim.

  7. Si Magnus itu pantasnya player game catur blitz ≤ 5 menit aja karena pilihannya begitu saat dia vs Hikaru beberapa waktu lalu sebelum event ini,,, cukup jelas low skill player catur cepat ≥ 15 menit dan aku tidak suka bermain catur blitz ≤ 5 menit,,, kesimpulan logika catur maksimal angkatan ini adalah si Kasparov tak tergeserkan hanya karena pensiun sudah tua SAJA.

  8. Magnus will Comes back even more stronger 😅

  9. Ppl spamming blunder like they have the tactical power of Stockfish everytime the bar moves is amazingly funny

  10. When Magnus lose
    1. " I had a bad day"🤩😂🤣
    2. Food poisoning ☠️💀👽
    3. I'm exhausted 🥶🥶

  11. Magnus reign is over others are finally catching him in the various parts of the game

  12. Pola pamungkas ku,,, identik pernah dimainkan Kasparov dan magnus asumsi matematika nilai 10,,, jadi begitu aku mengukur QI kedua pecatur terhebat angkatan ini tapi sangat disayangkan saat magnus melawan Hikaru, magnus memaksa tuk menang hingga mutiara talentanya dihempasnya demi mampu melawan Hikaru bermain kilat blitz ≤ 3 menit alhasil secara tidak sadarnya magnus mengubur talentanya sebagai pemain catur serta Kasparov.

  13. Who is the excitable woman who called MVL “VML”?
    She seems to know nothing about chess and her interventions are inane or ignorant or both.
    Possibly the worst, chess commentator I have ever seen. Trent was irritating but at least he understood the subject he was commentating on.
    Or am I being unfair?

  14. So, In terms of tiers… where is MVL?

  15. I am just curious as to where Tania got her accent from.

  16. Magnus was not fit mentally,his face shows it…even the airthing device tht measures air quality showed tht he was not going to win by the poor air quality….better luck next time my fav No 1

  17. If I just beat Magnus in 2 straight games to win the AI Cup, I would have jumped out of my chair, smiling with elation and popped open a bottle of Dom Perignon!

  18. Magnus got crushheeed what the hell happened I’m so mad

  19. I don't know why people keep saying math is good for chess. I don't think it is related. Chess calculation is not calculus. Chess calculation is just thinking moves ahead and then appreciate the final position. Tania. "Maxim is a mathematician queen is 9 point vs 6". This is deep math loool.where is the queen integral? Non sense

  20. Solo veo videos en Español.

  21. "He's distraught, Magnus Carlsen."

  22. Magnus blundering so many times playing moves instantly wit 9 minutes on the clock not even thinking giving in to his impulses instead of calming himself and controlling his nerves

  23. Look at MVL just cool and calm. But we all know real storm happening in mind.
    Incredible stuff by MVL. Congratulations. Respect. ♟️🙏🙏🙏

  24. Magnus tantrums are embarrassing to watch at his age

  25. how do you draw arrows blue and knight arrows are straight not L shape ?

  26. David Howell and The Thrill of Victory

  27. The only man that's undefeated is father time. Magnus has been killing it for so long. People study him all the time.

  28. I woulda liked to see more of a fight by MC (their first match this tourney was absolutely incredible), but I'm really happy with this result because I want to see more MVL games and now he's going to Toronto. MVL has been on fire lately. I hope he makes a great candidates run as well, seeing attacking chess at the highest level is always so fun.

  29. these talking heads are irritating. Muting them is a game saver.

  30. Why do commentators make excuses for Magnus?

  31. David is such a boring commentator. Dependent on his computer, speaking too much, analyzing primitive positions that he seems to struggle understanding. Doesnt see simpel tactics. Get in Naroditsky, Svidler or something. Please.

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