My BEST Tournament Result!

My Best Titled Tuesday result 🙂

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Game 1 vs 2437
8:40 Game 2 vs 2904
17:57 Game 3 vs 2877
22:30 Game 4 vs 2816

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  1. Oh shit! I knew the first opponent irl about 10 years ago! He's still on my friends list. Cool Dude.

  2. whats with the plant of cash next to you lmao

  3. Do you guys find that your blitz improves after playing classical events?

  4. "black is down two pawns on move like- 9,
    which unlike your games this is planned don't worry" i know you are right but ouch

  5. Its not r * pi. its half circle 🙂

  6. So pure russian accent. Wow. Привет из России

  7. Maaaan, you have perfect russian accent. From Russia with love <3

  8. 16:40 wouldn't Re8+ be the sharpest move? R x R, R x R and Queen is deflected from g8. Everything is forced.

  9. Hi Gotham, congratulations on the tournament result.

    How about a video on how to get over a chess losing streak? I am in quite the spiral right now and playing angry…..I am sure this happens to everyone at some point. Any tips?

    Thank you very much for all of the content, I have learned a lot and, although not a Twitch subscriber, I have purchased you Beginner Bootcamp, Caro and E4 Dynamite courses. I think they are great, thank you, and my ELO was rising very nicely for a while.

    Keep up the great content and good luck for the rest of the Spice rounds!

  10. Александр Васильченко says:

    И тебе привет)

  11. Day 105 of translating Levy’s titles into Italian: “Il mio miglior risultato in un torneo”

  12. Было приятно изучить встречу с Сергеем Шиповым (что немало удивило) и получить привет, как русскоговорящему зрителю. Просто делюсь впечатлениями

  13. "What are you going to do, just lose a pawn?"

    Well, actually….

  14. When Levy showed us how he could lose his bishop with tactics at 3:20 and then said "at 1000, 1100 and 1200 you have to start seeing this stuff in advance" I felt like he was staring right at me and knows at 1200 I would definitely have blundered that sequence. Chess is a brutal game.

    EDIT: 23:43 "I'm down 2 pawns and unlike in your games this is planned" My feelings have taken a beating in this video.

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