My BIGGEST Cash Prize in an Online Chess Tournament

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  1. It was that close my man was gonna be the richest person in Venezuella with 125xminimum wage 🥺

  2. I knew it was him! He took so long on that obvious fork

  3. 25:49. This bind that White achieves with this knight move has powerful control on the center. I'm going to have to remember this arrangement.

  4. First place is Peruvian GM Martinez Alcantara. Super strong dude!

  5. I once too won big cash in a chess tournament!… for the best Halloween costume

  6. Heck yeah sick play with the queen sac on the rook early.

  7. What ratings are they using for this event? Eric's rating looks like his FIDE rating, but Jose Martinez (31:14) is showing as 2701 and his FIDE rating is not even 2600.

  8. A 1400 in 3rd? That means I could do better than that. Insane.

  9. Nice tournament! Well played, what happens to your IM Rosen merch when you will become a GM? 🙂

  10. Whoever was responsible on designing chessarena sucks at their job, look at lichess, it's nicely made. I can't even stand looking at this ugly board, the proportion of the pieces and board sizes is messed up. They can't even invest some of the money on their fucking website, what a joke

  11. Eric you played a game that too fast for we watcher to catched on ,please more rapid game ..

  12. 6:19, eric missed a cool line Bxh6:
    if gxh6, Rxh7
    if Kh8, Nf7#
    if Kf8, Rdf7#

  13. Some really great chess here, but it really disturbs me that this platform makes the same sound for moves and captures. Normally chess platforms have a low “thump” sound when you move and a higher “click” sound for captures. This makes sense because it replicates the sound of placing the piece and the sound of two pieces clicking together when a piece is captured. It really troubles me that they use the same sound to the extent I literally couldn’t use this platform.

  14. 10:30 is rook e6 a blunder because of Nf7, threatening the Queen, and if taken by the King then the rook on e6 can be taken by the doubled rooks safely

  15. So I guess it was stockfish that played the crushing c5? The pace of play and the accuracy of the moves by white were admirable until the complete realization that admirable was actually quite the opposite word to use.

  16. Good job Eric, you played great, could you analyze a few games for us. You're one of the best chess instructors I know.

  17. I love how they let the cheater waste all his time just to be banned at the end hahaha sucka

  18. bro I don’t play chess and I swear I’ve seen moves he could’ve won multiple times

  19. For those wondering, the player LEON, ASBEL was determined to have cheated, thus disqualified, so it changed the order and tie-breaks.

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