Vegas Chess Festival, Round 1.

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  1. I didn't know that Vincent Gallo was such a good chess player

  2. Maybe he should wait until the tournament is over so nobody can see his strategies. Don’t get me wrong Im so hype to see these but i just don’t want it to backfire on him.

  3. 4:26 isnt e2 pawn hanging if bishop takes bc u cant take back with queen since queen protecting? nvm he talks about it later in vid

  4. Does anyone know how to be a part of levys guess the elo

  5. Levy, leave off the electrical sockets dude.

  6. Very useful information, you go through all that questions and ideas that come to the mind in the loneliness of a game tournament (maybe not for my level, but I do appreciate), thank you.

  7. Levy is the only sub 2500 in the top 12. LG you are doing great.

  8. Come on, for god's sake! He makes 1800+ to look like a noob 🥲

  9. Man, I'm so glad you were able to come to Las Vegas and play in this tournament, it was a pleasure watching you play live. This was a great game, thank you as always for your analysis!

  10. This is great content Levy thank you! In your pivotal position here that you recapped at 16:34, could you have played bishop takes pawn on C6?

  11. Even as low level player was very informative

  12. At around 6 minutes, Is bishop takes c6 no good?

  13. It would be awesome content, if you made a run for GM; and had a YouTube playlist chronicling your high level training steps and your self analysis of your tournament games. Thank you, for all you do.

  14. Came here from your recent "important news" video. Knock em dead.

  15. 😁 We'll need some epic music from "Summoning Salt" to accompany your rise to the top.

  16. How often do you play classical compared to other forms these days, Levy?
    How much does ANY grandmaster still competing play classical? Is the focus in serious tournaments always on classical?
    I used to love classical, but the world moved on. 😥

    I learned without time controls back in the 90s, so i'm having a hard time adjusting to ten minute games. 😁
    Rating went from 1450 to 1150. RIP.

    Anyway, best of luck and skill!

  17. can we take a second to appreciate this disgusting like/dislike ratio??

  18. I have a picture with temur garyev gotham I know why he left for 30min

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