My Final Chess Tournament…

My final chess tournament (for now)

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0:00 Intro
1:20 Tournament prep
16:43 Final Thoughts

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  1. He always call all titled players strong

  2. You are going to get that gm norm come onnn!!!

  3. Day 70 of writing a pronunciation of 'Zwischenzug' in Russian for Levy:


    Bonus: Zugzwang – ЦУГ ЦВАНГ

  4. 1:50
    was levy kidding or is it actually possible to skip other titles and go straight to GM? 🤔

  5. LEVYY!! Hi… I have been watching your videos for a while now, my rating was around 1000, now I am confident to take on a 1700 and only by watching your videos and recaps … just wanted to put it out there to make you feel nice.
    I have always wanted to suggest you to make all the recaps after the tournament ends. You can then get some more rest in between the games, maybe do a better prep for each opponent. I would love to say that the guy that inspired me to play chess is a GM.
    (a little story: I am from Czech republic and I was at this local chess tournament and at one point in the game I played Rook B1, and immediately started singing quietly "rook b1 rook b1"… and random dude sitting next to me said: "you watch Gotham chess huh?" … turned out that half the tournament roster were watching your videos hehe )

  6. I'm gonna pray to the God of chess (Stockfish, obviously) to see if you can get some inspiration and boost that hope a little bit.

  7. I like falling asleep to your videos. Your voice is familiar enough at this point its soothing.

  8. hope you didnt tell us everything. 🙂 good luck, look forward to watching.

  9. Lets goo levy i love your psychology and your expectations

  10. Do y'all think it would be a bit of a mindfuck for Levy's opponents if he started doing in-depth recaps of his opponent's games as tournament prep. Just blast your opponent's openings in front of all of youtube

  11. why didnt you work in finances levy?

  12. i absolutely feel like levy can clinch his gm title because he is young guy who has the guts and determination ..and he reminds me of naruto

  13. Definitely wish you all the success, even if your tournament recaps aren't my fav content. Go get 'em Levy

  14. I really hope the future will go like this: GM Levy!!!!!!!! You deserve it!!

  15. I tried to find levy’s courses before, but does anyone know the exact place to find his courses? Would be very helpful 🙂

  16. They should just give Levy GM status. Sure, he's still a few points shy but his contribution to the chess world is enough. Would be devastating for him to come this far and not get it.

  17. you must be careful with these thumbnails. you leaked 1.d4

  18. I have no doubt that you will become a GM. It’s just a matter of time. Don’t listen to the haters. Haters gonna hate my dude. You know too much about chess to give up. People would kill for your mind.

  19. If it’s a lie or half truth in the title, it’s clickbait. Example of a non clickbait title:my last tournament of the year.

  20. Just ask FIDE to delay world championship match for a bit so it doesn't interfere with your tournament

  21. Just play puzzles and enjoy. Prep takes a lot of luck.

  22. Your opponents watch your videos and find your weak points, but you're the best content creator of chess around

  23. Sorry, pal, I don't mean to insult you or belittle you, but you really don't have what it takes to be a GM. You don't. It's that simple. The most glaring reason for this is a video you made a while back re-capping a game from Vegas, I believe, where you were playing for a GM norm. You made a couple first moves with white, and your opponent had black. After the third move, your opponent did something outside ridiculous rote memory. You kept saying over and over, for the rest of the video, how you were shocked and didn't know what to do. I don't you realize how stupid you sounded making such a shocking admission.

    This means that your chess is only about rote memorization. As soon as someone goes off the script from what you have memorized, you're stumped. That's your own admission, not an accusation or insult from me. That's not chess. Anyone can memorize a series of moves. Anyone. If someone plays a h5 to your initial opening e4, you don't panic like some pre-teen little girl … you play on and develop based on what you see on the board. Imagine Bobby Fischer, or even someone like Hikaru, panicking because his opponent went off script on move three. Forget about being a GM. Seriously. You don't have what it takes.

  24. الساعة 1:30 الفجر، تعبانة و ما اعرف شنو اسوي، اباوع الفيديوهات هذه علمود اهدأ

  25. 11:00 Mikenas Carls if you don't know how to spell it, I didn't either.

  26. He holding his chess board with his right hand… Nice 👍💅

  27. Day 129 of translating Levy’s titles into Italian: “Il mio ultimo torneo di scacchi”

  28. I saw Hikaru saying you seem to be playing not to lose when you're up against GMs, like psychologically you don't think you can win. I hope that's not the case. I do get that impression as well. I look forward to seeing you aggressive and most importantly happy. I hope you find your joy either way, GM or not… Keep playing but don't let that GM title or GMs in general scare you or get you down.

  29. Breaks my heart to think levy won't be a gm because it feels like it means none of us ever even had a chance of ever being a grandmaster.

  30. Levy. I love your content. But if you gotta step away from the camera to work on your chess we'll support GM Gotham. If you want to drop tournament level chess, we'll support (sadly) streamer levy. Whatever you want, commit to it, don't keep ripping yourself In half trying to do both

  31. Levi can't foresee the future enough to become a GM. Jk love your videos and I have learned alot just from your YouTube videos

  32. Levi, best wishes. You have a lot to learn about life and the best thing you could do for yourself is get to get outside your bubble and get to know some smart conservatives. There has to be a better way to experience chess than to listen to your political banalities and I am un subbing now.

  33. How many GM’s have a YouTube channel this good? Zero. You have something they don’t.

  34. This guy is so funny, like when he said it’ll be gangster, if his opponent needed a draw and he offered him, but he still try’s to beat him anyway. That’s good comedy

  35. "AbSoLuTeLy NoT ClIcKbAiT"
    At least you were self-conscious enough to realise it was definitely clickbait

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