These games were very intense and I am very proud of it and the progress I’ve made. I won’t lie to you guys, I may be the greatest chess player who ever lived. Up there with games from Bobby Fischer, Paul Morphy, Magnus Carlsen, and many others (obviously a joke). I could do tons of videos on tricky chess openings, chess tips for beginners, chess puzzles, speed chess, chess tactics, or chess endgames, but these videos will always be the most fun to make. Chess strategy is very difficult to learn, but to some people these brilliant chess moves just come naturally. You can get very good at chess watching guys like Hikaru, Agadmator, Eric Rosen of Gotham Chess, but to some extent you need a level of intuition that can carry you passed your genetic limit, and these guys had that intuition in spades. If you want to get better try learning solid openings like the London system, Italian game, Run Lopez, or Sicilian defense, and focus on learning the opening theory and basic concepts around those positions. Make sure to subscribe, also check out channels such as the channel and the chess 24 channel for great content. ChessBrah also has great content. Eric Hansen beat some pretty high level grandmasters such as Magnus Carlsen this year so keep an eye out for him. Daniel Naroditsky has very instructive videos, as does Ben Finegold. Also check out guys like Chess Nerd, coffee chess, and the Botez sisters (Alexandra and Andrea botez)! I hope you guys enjoy the video, let me know what you think in the comments! #chess #chesstactics #chesspuzzles #chessopenings #chessstrategy #hikaru #magnuscarlsen #agadmator #ericrosen #gothamchess #garrykasparov #Paulmorphy #vishy #vishwanathananand #adolfanderssen #stockfish #chesstips #chesstricks #checkmate #speedchess #botezsisters #andreabotez #alexandrabotez #botezgambit


  1. Great video . The rules of tour ament chess exist for a reason . Your opponent is a big boy and you should have called him on the touch move and won. Other regular tournament players would not let you off so easily. I learned the hard way in my first tournament where I touched the wrong piece in a crushing position and my opponent called the arbiter and I lost the game.

  2. Congratulations on your first over-the-board tournament! It's interesting to see how the rating difference between online and in-person play can be so significant. Did you encounter any unexpected differences in your tournament experience compared to online play?

  3. Nice playing, storytelling and analysis, great that you were able to be there for your family when they needed you too. Keep doing your thing!!

  4. Wow, I actually know this Snyder Variation of the Sicilian, it's very interesting.
    P. S. I think I would not call the arbiter there.

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