My First Chess Tournament In 3 Years | Part 1

Follow Aman’s tournament at the 2022 Canadian Open in Hamilton, Ontario.

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  1. Can't believe the Raptors won an NBA championship with this sort of basketball culture surrounding them.

  2. Yo, this is so freakin' cool. I've been following your channel since 2019. I am a blind world champion climber who started playing chess because of the book The Art of learning. I've learned so much from watching you guys play chess! noticing y'all are climbers too is rad! Would love to link up someday. Hit me up if you're ever in need of a pair of Evolv shoes! I'll hook it up! If you guys ever do chess coaching to I'd be happy to set something up. I think it would be interesting to show people how I play online chess as a low vision user. Best regards!

  3. All this chess prep at the "Ponderosa Family Nudist Resort" @ 7:56 has me wondering what moves I'm missing out on!

  4. Wth i love bouldering didnt expect to see aman on tha wall lesgooo

  5. WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL IN MASKS?! I thought we were to follow the science. Guess we follow make believe

  6. I didnt know you were in Hamilton, nor did I know you were a climber, I wouldve went bouldering with you at gravity climbing gym. Also, isnt the edge of the wall considered out of bounds?

  7. Hey are you in Toronto? Would love to know when I can catch you at Nathan Philips square

  8. Yo, you all went to GOML?! Very jealous, been on the bucket list for smash tournaments for me.

  9. Hey Aman, nice to see you bouldering! What grade do you climb? (-:

  10. 4:50 Daamnn there are still mask requirements up there? Even the most liberal, bootlicking parts of the US seem to have forgotten all about those requirements, if not removed them entirely.

  11. You should hit up magnus midtbo and climb and teach him some chess. Would be a huge collaboration

  12. I haven't done any bouldering in forever but damn this made me think about it again.

  13. I watch a lot of indoors climbing content and lots of chess content so the thumbnail for this video confused me lol

  14. Hey Aman… Wasw nice seeing you at the tournament and having a chance to chat.

  15. Aman actually climbs. I like him ten times more now.

  16. oh my goodness, i love these vlogs. great stuff hearing your thoughts before and throughout the tourney. thx for these buddies!

  17. Hey look I'm in a YouTube video!
    I didn't prep anything before the round because I was expecting to play some 1200 player. I was quite surprised when I saw my name on the first page of the pairing sheets!
    Good game btw. I overlooked Ng5 when I planned Nb3. Maybe if I saw that move, I could've caught you in time trouble…

  18. This guy shares 2 of my passions! Chess and Bouldering! Send it my Breda!

  19. Ive been waiting so long for new Chess Tournament Vlogs, I love it 😀

  20. Nice series. Jeez, second game, why did your opponent miss the mate, Qh1#?

  21. Do you know why Boulder climbers are bad at chess?
    Because they always flag.

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