My First Chess Tournament In 3 Years | Part 2

The final episode of the vlog series following Aman’s Canadian Open 2022 tournament in Hamilton, Ontario

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  1. LOVED the series. Super fun mix of chess and other stuff behind the scene.

  2. Keep up the great work. I look forward to always viewing your content. You helped me so much this last year and still today. Im here with you Lets Go~{Hi~5}~

  3. Hey Aman, where did you get those "jeans" they look epic and comfortable. Hook 🪝 a brother 🆙

  4. Best content ever, i wanna see Aman getting back on shape and winning some tournaments (or trying is great too)

  5. Those pants are an inaccuracy. Love the new content

  6. these behind the scenes are awesome to watch and very well produced. thanks for creating these vids! also very nice hearing your thoughts about the tournaments and the games and seeing that you still have that competitive heart. would love to see you play even more otb ! you already are crazy strong, but i would imagine you can get pretty scary otb while in full throttle mode 😀

  7. That looked like a really tasty steak on the table.

  8. Hey Aman, why did they make you sit at the kiddy table when you participated in the blitz tourney? 😉

    I remember when I was younger my family did that to us kids when we had big family gatherings like Thanksgiving etc.

  9. The crowd is singing the national anthem weird. "Merica.

  10. Wtf happened to Canada. Gross you got the government forcing medical experiments on its people. Most Canadians seem to love it.

  11. This really shows how difficult classical is, I fully expected someone who dominates on so many streams to perform exceptionally well in the tournament. Seeing the stress and the energy drain in these vlogs has been fascinating. Looking forward to more and wishing you success in and upcoming tournaments.

  12. More entertaining than Levi and just as nice as Eric Rosen. Keep it up!!

  13. I like that this video caters to my "sleepover with Aman" fantasy with a pillow talk segment.

  14. GREAT vlog! Inspired by the work hard play hard balance! Seeing how you spend the off time to unwind is really cool. Love it! Congrats on five wins 👌

  15. Aman's a machine, taking shots on stream and otb. What a demonic speed machine, truly a man to be feared.

  16. Love watching these! Here's to more tournaments.

  17. I really like this video format. I'd definitely love to watch more if you do another tournament.

  18. Good work Aman! This is inspiring to keep at the tournaments myself. Good luck at the next one big sir

  19. Dude these videos are so awesome! Please keep it up 🤙🏻

  20. Well I just finished my classical OTB tournament and lost all my games and finished last out of 100 people. So 6.5 out of 9 is a really good result. The pace and the vibe in this vlog is amazing. Now I want to live in Canada 😀

  21. Thank you for this live coverage. It was very enjoyable to watch!

  22. Yes. Big yes to this content. Love seeing you back into tournaments! And your review and thoughts after games is much appreciated too. Can't wait for the next one!

  23. Wonderful video enjoyed every second of both parts I like the 2 20 minute videos rather than a 1 40

  24. Hey, 6.5/9 for a first tournament in a very long time is not bad at all. More over, when you look at the ratings of the top ten guys in the tournament, they weren't exactly beginners. So all in all I think you did a good job! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did following you! Have a good one everybody.

  25. At 20:10 the lady in the background throws a stick and the dog just looks at her not knowing what is going on. I'd say that is the biggest loss in the video

  26. Was fun following along with this one! Thanks for the vids.

  27. Sad times bro, sorry for the bad luck, you'll bounce back, even the greatest players have the odd bad result. you'll smash the rest of them i'm sure, vengeance mode

  28. Super cool! Im about to have my first tournament this Sunday and havent found many videos on what its like to be in one. I think this vlog style is interesting, and I'm hoping for more!

  29. This video got really intimate, really fast

  30. Go Go chessbrah! Keep making cool content 💪🏻

  31. I want to buy that DGT board but the pieces are gross 🤮

  32. Puts it in perspective, how the hell does Hikaru take years off of classical chess and then win grand prix and do great in candidates?

  33. This was a really cool vid. Well done Aman ☺

  34. Great content Aman, thanks so much for taking the dive back into tournament play and showing us a behind the scenes. I enjoyed the videos!

  35. Nice to see ya love the CFL, come play in Victoria, BC. 🙂

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