My First Chess Tournament!!!

This is my first classical chess tournament ever!!! I was an 8-year-old full of dreams little girl. These are the best 5 games of this tournament.

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00:00 Intro
00:27 Game 1: Big BLUNDER But Cool Checkmate
02:56 Game 2: She Became Italian Champion
10:10 Game 3: Checkmate in 18 Moves!!
14:16 Game 4: Checkmate in 20 Moves!!
16:38 Game 5: 14 Moves 🙁
21:00 Game 6: London System vs Alessia (8yo)

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  1. 8 year old alessia is a monkaW chess player

  2. you and your sister are very same like

  3. 😅 Nice to know id likely lose against these kids, great for the ego

  4. Your sister good in chess right now? I wanna see THE MATCH!!!

  5. th efact she now knows what bbc means and still uses it lol

  6. You are extremely extrovert now, but were you as a child? You looked a bit shy.

  7. The engine: No stop you're making bad moves 💀💀💀

    You: ATTTAAAACK THE KING!!!! 🍴 🍖🍴

  8. Alessia, I definitely want to see next year's tournament!!

  9. The last photo of you is brilliant. That thoughts in your mind …..

  10. In which year you start playing tournament when you just a kid? At my childhood I don't know how to play chess no one teach me

  11. I wish I trained chess since i was I kid

  12. Keep make chess content and also maybe you teach me some italia word 😂😂… you good job santeramo

  13. That were the times… when I still might have had a chance to defeat you…. I guess. 🤨

  14. Your videos are inspiring me to get my own girls more into chess. I taught them the pieces and moves at 5 yrs, but after a bit they would get distracted and "bored", not sure what to do and why. Any tips? They are almost 7 now.
    FYI my rapid rating is around 1400.

  15. Did you go back to the same tournament the next year? In that case, how did it go?

  16. A nice little vulnerable moment from Alessia about it being toxic

  17. Yes you were definitely meant for chess. Its good your sister did better. It drove you to try even harder, it didn't come too easy for you. I had similar experiences in little league baseball, sort of awkward in the beginning but it drove me to become an all star.

  18. Se vuoi ti faccio ripetizioni di pronuncia inglese e tu mi dai due dritte sugli scacchi 😂

  19. Loooooooved it. The pic at the end… poor little Alessia!

  20. you can't "give" check mate.. check mate is an action, not an object.. you should say: I check mated my opponent, not I gave check mate.. same thing with draw.. people say I made a draw which is also wrong.. you should say "I drew the game" or "I've managed to draw the game"… I see this a lot in chess.. it is understandable when you hear a foreign person saying it because is not their main language but for a native english speaker is just bad, really bad english.

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