My First Ever MEME Chess Tournament (Chess)

This is from my stream on February 10th, 2021. Catch me live every day but Saturday here:

I had a little time at the end of this stream so I decided to see what kind of chess tournaments was running. Turns out I was getting myself into some stickiness because the soonest tournament was King of the Hill, a game where you win if you get your king to D4/D5/E4/E5. It’s a bit of a meme but it also tests your ability to analyze a position very well. Check it out!


  1. King is in good company stuck in the bottom left.

  2. For anyone who is confused about the "king of the hill" I have herpies

  3. The video description pivots to "it also tests your ability to analyze a position very well" at the end.

    I feel like this is similar to when you pad out the end of like a primary school report with "it was very interesting and I learned a lot".

  4. This was hard to watch. Go to the middle man! dotn castle

  5. “we hit ‘em with the sicilian”
    plays c6

  6. 27:00 jesus fucking christ that man just absolutely, 100% did not know what format he was playing

  7. just a hoot to watch you, like always, thanks for the content!

  8. For anyone curious, King of the Hill is a game where you assert dominance over your neighbors by climbing on top of your garage and yelling insanely about how you're the king now, come and take it

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