My next chess tournament, Washington Chess Congress.

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  1. People complaining about the video titles… time to get a new hobby!

  2. Levy : Going for his Tournament
    Me :

  3. Regardin sleep… Bin off coffee for a few weeks and see how you feel… Maybe after the tournament because there's definitely an adjustment period.

    If you like the taste there's alot of awesome decaf stuff on the market to get stuff into.

    When I did it I slept a lot better and it cleared a lot of mind fog… Also I think I put on about 100 ELO points… From 1200-1300.

    So, yeah. If that helps at all.

    Much love x

  4. All the best levy I wish you get your GM norm. All the best

  5. I fucking hate it when he gets "funny" with the titles. Just name the fucking episode "guess the Elo" so I know to click on it, instead of "30% off discount in this video".

  6. Most of the time when you're being too slow it's because you're endlessly second-guessing yourself far too much. That's a big thing to work on.

  7. It sucks that guys like Carlsen and Nakamura aren't humble enough to play the top engines….and maybe find out a few things in the process! How about you do the honors?!

  8. Can’t find any results for this tournament. Any links??

  9. Changing the titles after the fact is super appreciated, Levi is definitely best girl

  10. I cant wait for Levy to tell us what dawned on him

  11. Levy! Prioritize getting good sleep! If you don't sleep much this is the easiest way to improve your performance. If you need sleeping pills and you're scared of Ambien, try Trazodone. (Statements about drugs are not medical advice, they're performance art I swear, don't hurt me youtube)

  12. Bro, don't worry about the people whining about the titles. Most of us already know it's a part of the hustle.

  13. it's not true that they do the pairings immediately after everyone finished in europe😅

  14. You could stick with the dramatic titles and "click baits" but put the video category in the thumbnail, like a "recap" or "guess the elo" tag

  15. When levy plays 2 more tournaments, this video title doesn't make sense

  16. Warm greetings from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Discovered your channel after watching "The Queen's Gambit". What a joy your videos are! Wish you luck in your future endeavours

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