NA versus EU Chess Tournament | Hosted by GM Aman Hambleton

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  1. I am now 1300 now, as a player being too close to 1042 before, ome cannot play this well,, maybe someone is helping northernnick11

  2. Please do more tournaments like this, it's so entertaining and I learned so much from this

  3. What if you wanted to play chess but NorthernNick said "NO. IT IS YOUR TIME"

  4. OMG Aman's commentary makes me laugh so freaking hard

  5. What? The last match, black won. And black is a North American. So NA won right? What am I missing?

  6. dont know why, but mr Hambleton talking shit on EU all the time kinda makes me not want to watch him ever again. I get that he is trying to banter and have a laugh, but at least get in a call with a European GM that can talk shit on NA…or something to even out the amount of shit I got to take just watching chess… Really like when he just comment on the games without joining the shitshow/talk in chat (NA vs Eu). But thats just me.

  7. I'm usually on team Hansen but Hambleton did a fantastic job hosting this. Great work fellas.

  8. Anybody noticed that the NA players are higher rated on every single board of the original setup?

  9. this is irrelevant but i like knowing these things. was the stream delayed from the gameplay? i don't trust the honor system when it comes to players stream sniping during this extremely important event

  10. 20:23 That was really impressive play by Nick and Aman's reaction is priceless xD

  11. Прибудинкова Територія says:

    I enjoy wathing this stream with your funny comments) Ty.

  12. How about inviting Africa to challenge?

  13. Anyone know the song from the first 2 mins of the vid?

  14. What was the song played in the very beginning say the 6:00 minute mark?

  15. "In potentially a spot of bother" now that is a magestic phrase

  16. What about EU vs America’s maybe giving some South American players the chance to get involved. Probably get more subs and views that way as well

  17. Took me too long to realise "oil check" was an engine use reference

  18. Is it just me but aman reminds me of Jason Nash.

  19. " The Technology is there " – Aman Hambleton –

  20. Lalikám hatalmas király vagy rohadjak meg

  21. Every single NA player's rating was greater than the EU counterpart, in the lineup. Quite unfair it seems

  22. "when you see mate in 1, look for better" lmao

  23. 7:21 "Can someone explain the rules?" from chat. Love that sense of humour! I think Eric does too.

  24. When they immediately agreed to a draw I laughed out loud

  25. Why did every na player have a higher rating than eu player

  26. Who chose these pairs 😂 NA have higher elo for literally every pair

  27. 34:25 "hes's got 3 pieces hanging. But you know what else is hanging? His BALLS on doublereverse's chin" fucking dead lmfao

  28. 3:35 Aman is incorrect. There was only a counter-counter-blunder (not a counter-counter-counter-blunder).

  29. North america players have way superior elo, are they some "special guys" who need some sort of extra-help to win games? Probably Yes.

  30. This is chess comedy at its finest. lol

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