Never Seen An 8 Year Old Blitz This Fast (And Smart) At The End!

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  2. Black played an illegal move. He Castled short when the bishop was sawing the path of Castle.

  3. When black have been castling the black king cross the threat of white bishop’s track path. Why the blck castling

  4. 5:35 se realiza un enrroque imposible de hacer ya que el rey pasa por una casilla atacada por en alfil

  5. Queen is on e .It should be on d square

  6. It is illigal to castle the black king because the White's bishop is in h6

  7. el de las negras hiso trampa estaba en hacke

  8. 5:39 That player controlling black has made an illegal castling move. Kings may not cross through check. Like that player broke the castling rule.

  9. Como é que o aniversário pode fazer rock mesmo sendo ameaçado com Bispo.
    Isso é irregular 🤔🤔

  10. Not sure who else catches this illegal move. But at 5:34 blacks move is impossible because the king is castling over a threaten square. Yes, whites bishop is blocking that line. The next play white actually takes the rook but still no one notice the illegal move. White had already wins do to this

  11. thats why you shouldnt castle when you cant…. its for your own use

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