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  2. Best world championship coverage ever, thanks gotham!

  3. Ian when he realizes that if Russia never attacked Ukraine, he would be the world champion

  4. I will go cry too ….awsome thx for great content 😢

  5. I'm so happy for Ding. His challenges with anxiety are very relatable.

  6. What a journey this was. Thank you Levy. Congratulations to Ding Liren. Amazing.

  7. Thank you Levi, you are amazing, how can I donate something?

  8. Fantastic recap – these have been so enjoyable to watch!

  9. i would like a public apology for the abomination that was your latest short, give me my 15 seconds back

  10. white was winning in game 3 right? @16:15 bishop f6 queen f6 pawn takes knight queen takes rook knight c3 then queen is trapped

  11. "My pawn's hanging…. So… I'm gonna move it… World chess championship solved" 😂😂😂

    #1 Chess YouTuber for so many reasons.

  12. I am still watching Gotham's recap even though I stayed up all night and watched the games live

  13. Just saw the clip of Ding winning on Chess clips.
    Man Ian looked completely destroyed 😭.

  14. Congratulations to Ding Liren!! I almost fainted when I saw that he won! I hope there is another tournament like this soon and I also hope Ding enjoys being the new world champion!

  15. Let's not forget that Ding had to beat Hikaru with black to qualify to this final 😮😮😮

  16. Awesome! 🙏 Thanks for your absolutely thrilling recaps of this amazing championship. 🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  17. This amazing World Championship was made even better thanks to you and your epic recaps, as always! Best greets from Germany!

  18. you thought at 04:21 that the rook was a knight 1 hehe. Great video though cheers

  19. Gotham looks like he would be a museum tour guide

  20. I love the random twitch chat comment at the end.

  21. I loved the art mueseum when I was 14 haha. I am a little weird lol. great game tho and series by both players.

  22. Legendary WC, as interesting as the last candidates were! Can't wait to see who will fight to be the next WC challenger 🙂

  23. "I have mating ideas, which are always nice"

  24. LFGGGGGGG DING!!!!!!!!!! Amazing I loved this!!! Watched every single recap ❤❤❤

  25. It's kinda nuts that Russia starting a war in the Ukraine leads to the Russian representative losing the World Championship of a game of simulating war.

    Also, Levy is probably also crying over Knicks/Heat.

  26. Asian power be like xD, Congrats to Ding Liren securing the

  27. still i think dingal dingal li is not a world champ material. Ian is far better.

  28. I am sorry to hear that Levy is misleading his listeners to push an agenda. Here are the facts: the word "classical" was first used in connection to the World Championship in 1993 for reasons that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TIME CONTROLS. The word was applied because Garry Kasparov broke away from FIDE (the World Chess Federation) to create a separate group to manage the world championship. FIDE did not go along with it, so they enacted a separate world championship. Kasparov's championship was called the "classical word championship" and the other one was called the "FIDE world championship." Both used slow time controls so, again, the word "classical" had nothing to do with the time controls. The two were reunited in 2006.

    He wants to mislead you into thinking that the world championship is the slow chess world championship. It is not. It exists to determine the best chess player in the world bar none. It has historically used slow time controls because that is how people played chess when the championship was first created back in 1886. At that time, chess clocks had barely been invented and were far from the digital clocks that we have now. They were barely used in the world championship, much less games between amateurs. As a result, games tended to be much slower back then–there was no good way to limit playing times. Another reason people played long games back then was because they did not have the internet and computer chess. As a result, the overhead tasks of setting up the board and ensuring that the rules were followed was much more onerous.

    What he and other people are trying to do is stop the world championship from adapting to the times by using faster time controls. He is doing that by trying to mislead people into thinking that the world championship is designed to be the slow time controls world championship. It was not designed for that purpose; it was designed to decide the best chess player in the world. Because most chess players play blitz and rapid, those are the time controls that should form the bulk of the play. One of the reasons why Magnus left was because he got fed up with these people.

  29. And all without any quantum entangled anal beads….

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