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  1. I could easily make a movie out of this WC. Unfortunately favoritism is rampant in the film industry. We are stuck with recaps like yours, Levy. Congrats on Ding our new WC.

  2. DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was so focused on the chess by the time he mistakenly said 2014 i didnt notice cus i had tuned him out completely

  4. Thank you for making all these recaps man , I really enjoy and truely appreciate them
    Stay amazing levy

  5. So no one is gonna mention the random twitch chat appearance in the last minute?

  6. "Now we'll go back to having regular thumbnails." lol good one Levy

  7. As a basketball fan, I love hearing Gotham talk about a NBA player or team

  8. Hey man, make whatever thumbnails you need to appease the algorithm gods. Play the game.

  9. Shouldn't you have used their Rapid rating for this recap? Shows Ding is slightly better in Rapids…just thought of it

  10. At the end I wanted both to win. Love Dings efforts and heartbroken for Ian

  11. The balls to decline the draw with 90 seconds left

  12. Levy’s learning economics?! Hey, I’m an econ prof! Can we trade lessons?

  13. leafs moving on is peak but new WCC is cool as well.

  14. I feel bad for Hikaru. He was so close to having a shot at the world champ title. Magnus made the right decision to allow lesser players a shot at the battle for the title.

  15. Sooo… Now we wait to see if Magnus wants to play the candidates and then goes back to be a World Champ… Only to drop it back cuz he wants.

  16. Watching the event live was insane. It felt like a nba game 7 buzzer beater to win it all.

  17. "#8 on Trending for Gaming", Levy your the real reason why chess is exploding.

  18. Ian must be kicking himself. He had more chances than a Monopoly set to put Ding away in the classical games.

  19. is he really the world champ without beating the best in the world? hmmmm

  20. Right after the game ending I went straight to YouTube so I can wait until Gotham posts

  21. Loved the match it was one of the most intense match recaps I have seen

  22. This is the 4000th comment. Great recap. emotional eh?

  23. I wish Ian wins rapid or blitz world championship

  24. This match was insane. I’m so happy Ding got the win as well

  25. Petition for them to make a TV Series about Ding Liren called 'King's Gambit'

  26. Bro just said I’m worth 3 points of material being a sub to him 🧍‍♂️

  27. congrats to ding wowsers but gosh ima gonna go cry about ian too

  28. Sorry man, but you're commentary is the best i've ever heard. I hear this sort of basketball game, boxing commentary spices in your recaps. WHo KnEW ChESS could be this exsiting

  29. Those who were saying ding was forced to lose… fk yall. Ian was forced to.

  30. Its fake. All yall ding supporters buy the match

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