Nimrod’s Chess Tricks | Against Damiano Defence

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  1. I would rather taking the queen then playing g5 bruh

  2. When the kid was moving his pawn in front of the pawn there was king so the pawn is unable to move


  4. liked the way how kid was moving the pawns… Nice way to teach kids new trick

  5. Waktu di skak pertama knapa ngk di tutup make pion malah raja di geser sehh

  6. I don't know if any one of you saw it but like when the queen moved to c5 the queen was not protected. Hence it could have been captured for free by the king!!!!

  7. the fricken queen was haging for like 5 moves😂

  8. You why not cut queen of White team and how pawn near to your pawn was cut noobs 😂

  9. Bro didn’t even check mate

  10. Kesinlikle çocuğa yenilmek onun tebessümu için deger❤❤❤

  11. لاعب السيطرونج يجب ان يكون صريحا.
    والطفل يبدوا انه نابغة في اللعبة وينقصه القليل من الجدية.
    وعلى الرغم من ذالك هناك اطفال في سنه لا يفتقرون للجدية.

  12. COOL GAMERZ • 5M views • 5 hours ago ... says:

    Bro is dumb he can capture the queen

  13. How did he moved his pawn diagonally with out capturing…

  14. He uses his two hands to play. Not allowed.

  15. Bro it is chess not snake and ladders 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. I was scrolling through the comments and someone said it’s a lesson everyone😂Here are two things HES the only one in the world who develops king.This isn’t a lesson if ur playing moves worse that worstfish

  17. Carry a watch guy is a careful game plastic are a whole

  18. He could literally eat his queen with his soldier . 🤧 😅

  19. But that uneliminated queen is too obvious 🧐

  20. Sanya without eating any grain, how can you give any Kuni rice?

  21. Why u dont Kill opposite Queen in 10'th Step……

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