No time for Magnus to think! | Giga Quparadze vs Carlsen | Commentary by Sagar | World Rapid 2022

Magnus Carlsen’s opponent Giga Quparadze is known for his speed of decision making and play. He finds his moves and ideas at lightning speed. That’s the reason why the World Champion was always behind on the clock. However, that did not stop Carlsen from finding some amazing moves in the game. The way is makes use of the pawns is definitely something to learn from. But are these pawn moves enough? Was Magnus able to beat his opponent? Check it out in the video along with commentary by IM Sagar Shah. This game was played at the World Rapid Championships 2022 in round 9.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Why it goes from 37 yo 46 in the timer?

  2. why they put the king in the midle of the board after a game? i dont know chess that much

  3. In you variation of g5 sequence, I can’t be mate because the defence will be at Rc1! There will always a defence like Rc1

  4. 11:23 why magnus didn’t check and take the rook
    Someone can explain?

  5. The commentary is so interesting I just skip the videos with out it

  6. god damn i wanna see some chess play of you, you analyse so fast

  7. That's why I love this game ❤totally masterpiece game

  8. Odd once the clock start, could Carlsen touch each piece without doing the touch move rule?

  9. Giga was having headache over commentator pressure

  10. Chess base India be like. Bc8 followed by castles by white!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. So brilliant!

  11. Take a break bro.
    Let us think too
    I am forced to mute to watch the game

  12. Why do most players touch all the pieces before starting the game?

  13. Q: on min 15:40 why giga didn’t take the b5 pone with his king?then it is gona be a longer game and can play on the time

  14. Q: on min 15:40 why giga didn’t take the b5 pone with his king?then it is gona be a longer game and can play on the time @chessbase india

  15. If someone has watched this game thoroughly, please tell me why didn’t giga advance his pawn to the other end to convert it into queen at 14:58. He moved his king to counterattack the bishop instead. That was a sheer blunder 😢

  16. Great match but the commentary was the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard

  17. i would not be impressed if you tell me the commentor is a GM

  18. Hikaur is on no 3 no 2 magnus maybe I am worng but 1 no is commenter

  19. Mr blah blah If u are that good why dont u try Magnus???

  20. Can someone explain why he resigned??

  21. I get the feeling the organizers deliberately leave Magnus's chess pieces uneven to watch him do it😄

  22. Damn tactics are difficult to spot under time pressure even for super gms

  23. Yu can have an hour, magnus have his skills and calculations ♟️💪

  24. If this commentator did this right in front of them, now that would be interesting.

  25. I was sooo engaged in the game because of your commetary…thank you

  26. How did Magnus gain some seconds on the clock towards the end ?

  27. This commentator is actually very good aswell.

  28. Why he resigned. He could have done random moves and magnus will lose to time

  29. No doubt Magnus have played with the tough player also, giga gave him the tough time no doubt both players have played amazing. But magnus is always on the top💪❤️

  30. why in the ending timing was increasing for magnus?? whenever he was clicking it?

  31. "Magnus Vs Giga" great match, as expected

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