Nobody Believed That I Could Win This Chess Tournament

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  1. and then he went and destroyed the consalation bracket

  2. Oh come on, nobody? 😂 You're the highest rated player and with the best coach you could have, I fully expect you to win the whole thing, almost easily.

  3. Anna had a stroke getting excited and devastated by what Wirtual was doing!

  4. 6:006:08 when Anna melts down because Wirt makes a huge blunder, but forgets that he's playing against an equally bad player who also won't notice the blunder haha

  5. Wirtual + glasses >>> magnus carlsen (not the evil magnus of kindergarden)

  6. 7:04 he could have won the queen with Bxa6+. If Kxa6 the queen is hung, so instead Kb6 is the move to get out of check and keep the queen defended but then Wirtual could do Na4+ for a knight fork. But as I learned he never sees forks. Wirtual has forkblindness.

  7. When your a trackmania player and you understand and can handle time pressure and you also can do chess

  8. Good luck in the finals man, the Nordics will unite behind team Winna

  9. Again two PoV video – that's the content I subscribe for.

  10. Bro I have been so much interested in chess lately and now I see wirtual playing chess

  11. Anna and Wirtual are such a good team, love this story, wish you the best of luck!

  12. She too annoying 🤧 her voice
    But I like watching Wirtual!!

  13. "The queeeen, the queeeen, the queeeeen" i'm dying

  14. Actually everybody Believed That You Could Win This Chess Tournament

  15. "Checkmate almost in 1 if he doesn't react" is so funny to me

  16. I'm new to chess at 3:13 how can he force a draw? edit nevermind he explains it just after lol

  17. Just one thing to think about. With the prizepool of pogchamps 5 it means Wirtual now won more money in chess than in TM🤔

  18. “no body thought i could win this chess tournament, and they were right…”

  19. I know clickbait isn't a huge sin, but literally all the commentators were saying from day 1 that they thought you were a strong contender to win everything. You were the highest-rated player in the entire tournament. Even after you ended up in the consolation bracket, the commentators were saying that you could have won the whole thing if you'd been in any group other than the hardest. Your title really couldn't be less true. "Everybody believed that I could win this chess tournament" would be accurate.

  20. Still love the effort to rebrand "pull a wirtual". It is not going to work man, just roll with it.

  21. Good luck Wirtual!!! And congrats on 500k!!

  22. Anna Cramling reminds me of Dora the Explorer

  23. did this man just say "pull a wirtual and clutch up"?

  24. Wth happend to wirtual? I taught he played trackmania wtf is his Chess!!!

  25. It's almost scary seeing her more excited about chess that I've been anything about in my life.

  26. This is what I call pulling a Wirtual after pulling a Wirtual!

  27. I dont know who anna crambling is, but holy cow she's got some horse teeth.

  28. WIRTUAL congrats on the win in consolation!!!!

  29. The problem with being beautiful is no one tells you to quiet down when they should.


  31. Gotta practice your basic tactics puzzles… you’ll gain 400 points in a month if you do.

  32. Kinda sad that this was uploaded just prior to the finals. I had no idea this was even a thing happening.

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