Norway Blitz Chess Tournament: Carlsen vs Nakamura

The round one match between Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura in the Norway Chess super-tournament. In a blitz tournament used to decide pairings, Magnus Carlsen turned in an incredible blitz performance. IM Danny Rensch provides commentary.

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  1. the commentator "the audio sounds like its already bean given a sean paul remix"BROOOOOOOOOOO i am dead XD

  2. I don’t understand what is happening but it’s entertaining

  3. After watching Alphazero and Stockfish battle, this game seem to be childish

  4. Nakamura-boca juniors
    Carlsen-river plate

  5. فرهنگبان پارسی FarhangBan Parsi says:

    With Chess is Cheese can learn the Beginners and the Middles Chess and have a lot of Fun

  6. "Making sure his rooks have the potential to meet for a date on G2"


  7. Wow these guys are so good they can't even win 😆

  8. That was an absolute beautifully played match and a smooth ending I really enjoyed it!

  9. kesini gara gara catur di indonesia lagi rame 😬

  10. Pak dadang dan irene membawa saya kemari 🥴

  11. why u not make a seperate analysys board, so we can see the live movement of them

  12. 7:17 "We got a sexy knight on D5"
    Damn, Chess has gotten a bit spicey.

  13. I am 4 years late but the commentary is incredible!

  14. Can someone tell me how black and white side are chosen by player in tournament

  15. Nobody is better with pawns and calculating things at the end then hikaru

  16. What is the opening? Reversed Italian Game?

  17. Naka was soooo cold to hold this pressure the whole entire game!

  18. It is a bit nonsensical rule of reviving a queen. It goes against traditions and history of chess.

  19. Why do they have such manly large facial structures. Absolute Chad’s.

  20. And here I am still trying to win games with the fried liver attack.

  21. Dear Champs plz check my games and advice me how I can make it more effective

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