Norway Blitz Chess Tournament: So vs Carlsen

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen plays one of his most promising rivals, Wesley So, in the final round of the Norway Blitz chess tournament. IM Danny Rensch provides fast chess commentary!

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  1. carlsen have many boring style to win..

  2. Frøken Glattbarbert Stillas-sikkerhetsinspektør says:

    EXCELLENT commentary


  4. can anyone tell me, when does Carlsen start wearing glasses?

  5. 1:20. See, I never notice stuff like that in my games, and than four or five moves later, I want to move my pawn, and realize that I can't because that entire diagonal has been controlled for about five minutes.

  6. Plz show us live what's going on on the board… We don't care about what you think or would play. Much appreciated

  7. Why is their very little eye contact with chess players? especially after a handshake

  8. No one is even near Carlsen. Super Diamond Grandmaster class

  9. Thanks for the extra instructions, maybe a good suggestion would be that if you are in "simulation mode" the colour around the board would appear to make it more visual?

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