OMNIKNIGHT 3 in Auto Chess Tournament | Amaz 43 | Twitch Rivals

What a time to get good rolls! In the Twitch Rivals Tournament!
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  1. did he managed to get all of that candies and couriers by just grinding?

  2. Watching him not upgrade the timbersaw for 3 rounds hurt me soul

  3. He sell techies (item crown) and he say weird unit drop item lol

  4. Weird that lich ult at the end bouncing to the units outside the board lmao

  5. dude, one game, I only got a single stout shield, don't call yourself unlucky, there is no contest xD

  6. why do you safe your Money up to 50 when you already reached lvl 10 ? i'd spend my Money on rerolling 😀

  7. How are u buying unit with no gold at the start

  8. Is there a reason why you sell right before you get new characters, or are you just that impatient, because that would solve alot of your problems. I mean I don't know how many times I've seen you get something you've been waiting for right after you sell something.

  9. honestly love to watch ur video if you just shut the fuck up. your voice so gay yet ur skillfull player

  10. If you want to improve your level and learn about auto chess games, try visiting your youtube channel, thanks.

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