Online Chess Tournament for Cash! | Armageddon Championship Series

In this video, I play in the Online Regional Cup of the Armageddon Series held on — Big thanks to World Chess for sponsoring this video.
Learn more about the Armageddon Championship Series:
Final Tournament Standings (Spoiler):
Analyze all my games from this video here:

0:00 London Opening DOMINATION
5:09 EPIC BATTLE vs GM Gareyev
14:59 Fishy Opening PUNISHED
23:07 CRUSHING MINIATURE vs GM Jose Martinez
28:30 Oh Yes, My Favorite Opening
32:15 London vs Dutch
40:47 Queen’s Gambit Declined – Instructive Positional Chess!
47:50 Alapin Sicilian – CRAZY HORSEYS
1:04:45 I’m sorry
1:14:10 Money game

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  1. I've watched this video 29 times already and can say this is a certified Eric Rosen classic

  2. 23:07 that's one of Peru's top players, gives a lot of elite players trouble.

  3. Ban all pitbulls!!! I work at a animal shelter and all pitbulls we receive are banned and illegal! We also actively search the streets here in Chicago and capture as many putbulls as possible!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love Eric taking the delivery call while playing . The Gareyev game was great while the fishy opening guy trying a stalemate trick against Eric . 🙂

  5. I've watched this video 150 times and I can confirm that it's an excellent video

  6. Is there a Rosen Trophy for having a package delivered during a tournament? Well played.

  7. 4:49 had me laugh out loud and wake my partner….. so classic. Awesome videos eric.

  8. first game, thought opponent was born 1942 <scans down to see Eric's d.o.b.> ahhh that explains everything

  9. Anyone else remembering that one time Eric completely lost it and smashed his whole room?
    Me neither.

  10. I love your wholesome content. Thanks for you being you. I like the Scotch. London opening is another opening I like.

  11. That Jose Martinez bishop move was absolutely sick. I thought he was Jospem (who is Jose Martinez Alacantara) but he’s from Mexico, not Peru.

  12. 36:16 – can someone explain why Eric doensn't play bishop x B5?

  13. 26:35 Bb8 is a beautiful move, damn.

    GM is really on a whole another level.

  14. my favorite chess background noise while working! yay Eric should narrate elevator music; his voice is so soothing!!

  15. I love watching you play higher level opponents in serious games.

    You absolutely could be a GM but it would be a lot of work and its funny because you see the complex stuff super easily and its just a matter of taking more time thinking out moves and then practicing end games stronger.

    That second game was excellent. Id love to see the analysis because there was so much pressure and taking your time on each move and being incredibly solid eventually got it to relent and let you win a game that feels like you were being leaned on, if not technically down, the whole game.

    Edit: i hope none of this comes across negatively, im very blunt with my words and youre far and away my favorite chess YouTuber (i watch you for education while being entertained, i love GM Igor Smirnoffs remote chess academy for learning because ive already watched all of your educational videos! The St. Louis tutorial on the London system is still my go to to this day and id watch anything else you made like that)

  16. Could you do a video going over what you study for prep for a tournament? How you do it? I assume its player specific but its an interesting thing to see!

  17. @1:15…in deep conversation with Hans Moke Niemann, concerning position…

  18. Have you ever played Knightmare Chess by Steve Jackson games? I would love to see a master play it sometime

  19. If a person can play 50 games blindfolded, then he should be able to look 10 moves ahead with clarity, right? When playing a single game, Just pretend each move is a new board? Not sure if this makes sense. I'm new in chess so it astounds me when I witness high rated players show off their talents

  20. Lol..should have had the heart rate monitor on for the last game

  21. “Rb5 was slightly more efficient than Rb4 as shorter mouse movement” – Eric Rosen 2023

  22. Crushing opponent while getting a delivery. That was epic. Great content.

  23. 51:40 I was looking at knight xc3 at this position instead of queen c7. I'm pretty sure it's the best move. This way you're trading knight for bishop and winning a pawn.

  24. In the position at 18:30, there is a crazy move which actually works. Rd8!

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