Opening Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2022

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  1. Practically clickbait video. Interviews might just as well be too. I remember when players would analyze their games at the end of rounds for fans. Legacy chess disrespected by western media as always smh.

  2. Not so interesting without Alireza Firouzja

  3. Just post the proper opening ceremony dude. Atleast provide us with 10 minute video

  4. Why would you post only 38 second lasting video if everybody wants to see the whole ceremony

  5. Can you guys post the whole opening ceremony?

  6. Doesn't even worth to follow, without Firouzja!

  7. Why can't we see the entire opening ceremony??? and why not live !??

  8. opening ceremony is even smaller than anish's vlogs

  9. Tata steel chess setup is looking better then the Dubai WCship setup

  10. 00:31 You think van Foreest is wearing white socks with his suit like the gigachad that he is?

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