Play Till you WIN | Drawing of lots | World Chess Championship 2023 Tiebreaks

The World Chess Championship 2023 will enter into the tiebreaks after almost a month-long classical chess of fourteen games. Watch the live drawing of lots of action after game fourteen ended in a draw.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. This is so racist. They placed the box with the white piece far from Ding thinking that he would be too lazy to get up to take the far box.

  2. Shame on fide clowns not having russian flag, Great Leap Forward 200 million dead flag is cool though

  3. People Republic China,first men Chessworldchampion Liren Ding. Greetings all Chinese and all Chessplayers

  4. Fide should probably have 1 round of stone paper scissors match at the end of 2 rounds bullet match.

  5. 7 – 7 ??? argh.. every solution to now FORCE a winner of two equals, would be horrible and stupid.

  6. When it is tie after 4 rapid games and after 4 games of 5+3 blitz, then it becomes very important to get white pieces in shorter blitz 3+2 game. Little bit unfair if player will lose it with black and there is no second game with white pieces to tie the score, but it is what it is .

    Thank god they do not use armageddon in classical chess championsips.

  7. Ding Scared the heck out of the press conference host 😅😅

  8. Magnus was right. The stupid classical format couldn't determine a winner.

  9. Plot twist: There was another white king in the other box and now they are gonna play together against Magnus

  10. Nepo refusing an autograph to a little kid it’s just so uncaring when he’s walking towards the press conference. Please do not give any excuses of why he didn’t because there’s no excuse for that.

  11. ding is hoping for a robot dance off: nepo is going for slapping

  12. It's not fair that a classical world chess championship will be decided by Rapid and Blitz games…In case of tie after classical matches, there should be extension by 1 more classical game with same time controls but with time bidding introduced and lower bid getting black and only required to draw for Win.

  13. This classical championship match so that instead of playing rapid, blitz to find winner they have arrange classical games to find winner after 14 games

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