Playing a Grandmaster for $500 at a Local Chess Tournament

In this video, I share my final game against GM Romain Eduoard from the Saturday Night Special Chess Tournament at the Saint Louis Chess Club. The tournament featured a $2,000 with a $500 first prize. See the analysis of my first 3 games (all featuring crazy gambits) in this video:

0:00 Background
1:52 Game Analysis

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  1. Congrats on getting opposition at the end!

  2. I was the guy that said Queen C2 and not Queen C7 so thanks for calling me out as the 1 guy lol

  3. It takes bravery to beat a GM but it takes even more bravery to post a (beautiful) loss to a GM

  4. it’d be cool to see the game in real time after you do the breakdown.

    also the delayed grob is my favorite mate now

  5. that is the sickest mate ever. I can only hope to some day be on either end of a mate that amazing

  6. Ha! He must watch your videos. That's classic Rosen endgame play.

  7. Wow! What an incredible mate he found at the end. Tou-fucking-che!

  8. Still waiting for your recap of the match against Levy

  9. Eric got to opposition..offered a draw..

  10. Only Eric Rosen will publish his losses … because it's too beautiful to be hidden.

  11. Everybody loses. Just gotta take it with Eric's grace and good sportsmanship.

  12. A little warning: there's an audio glitch at 2:25 it scared the heck out of me

  13. I gotta look into joining a tournament but it would have to be blitz … Highest rating was 1900+or- usually 1700+ 😅

  14. He sent a knight and two bishops to escort you to a tea party. What a stand up guy.

  15. Maybe this theoretical question is not even possible, but what is the rule if a pawn move like the checkmate, here, had been subject to en passant that would stop the checkmate?

  16. หัวใจช้าง ElephantHeart says:

    I found Eric because of the first IM not a GM tournament, and his game with Levy.

  17. หัวใจช้าง ElephantHeart says:

    e3 is like the opposite of f3.
    Anytime you play e3 it is good.

  18. "Checkmate by moving a pawn up 2" should be a Rosen Trophy!

  19. 8:37 "and the one person who said queen C2 but meant C7" I feel personally called out 😂

  20. Hello Eric, I haven't put the position on an engine but at first glace B-d5 looks like a good move instead of your pawn move to c6. This keeps the b2 to h8 diagonal closed. By the way, did you receive the book I sent you called "They thought for themselves"?. I am wondering if you had a chance to look at it? Congratulations on your success in the "I am not a GM" speed tournament.

  21. at 4:05 "we´re both fully developed" Well you are both grown men, of course you are 😀 Cool game and awesome ending.

  22. Eric you don't need to resort to things like playing Grandmasters for $500, if you ever need anything, I got you, you can stay on my couch. I don't want you roaming these streets with those dirty GRANDMASTERS anymore. There are many noble careers you have the chance to take son, think about your future!

  23. A hard lesson to avoid gambling Eric 🤔

  24. hey are you from niles north? i met you and ilan since i was on niles west. you ilan and sagar taught me sooo much. hope you're the same person has been a decade

  25. 3 weeks without any content, is everything ok Eric?

  26. I am convinced that Eric Rosen will look like Bill Ackman in 20 years.

  27. It's so fun to watch you and I also learned alot!.

  28. I felt so caught when he said "also the one person saying c2 but meaning c7"
    But also appreciated

  29. does anyone know if eric is okay? he hasn't posted in a while now

  30. Hi Eric, why ask for subscribers if you’re not going to post new content for weeks?

  31. Not sure why you stopped posting on YouTube Eric but it sucks. Please come back!

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