Playing a Grandmaster for $500 at a Local Chess Tournament

In this video, I share my final game against GM Romain Eduoard from the Saturday Night Special Chess Tournament at the Saint Louis Chess Club. The tournament featured a $2,000 with a $500 first prize. See the analysis of my first 3 games (all featuring crazy gambits) in this video:

0:00 Background
1:52 Game Analysis

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  1. Congrats on getting opposition at the end!

  2. I was the guy that said Queen C2 and not Queen C7 so thanks for calling me out as the 1 guy lol

  3. It takes bravery to beat a GM but it takes even more bravery to post a (beautiful) loss to a GM

  4. it’d be cool to see the game in real time after you do the breakdown.

    also the delayed grob is my favorite mate now

  5. that is the sickest mate ever. I can only hope to some day be on either end of a mate that amazing

  6. Ha! He must watch your videos. That's classic Rosen endgame play.

  7. Wow! What an incredible mate he found at the end. Tou-fucking-che!

  8. Still waiting for your recap of the match against Levy

  9. Eric got to opposition..offered a draw..

  10. Only Eric Rosen will publish his losses … because it's too beautiful to be hidden.

  11. Everybody loses. Just gotta take it with Eric's grace and good sportsmanship.

  12. A little warning: there's an audio glitch at 2:25 it scared the heck out of me

  13. I gotta look into joining a tournament but it would have to be blitz … Highest rating was 1900+or- usually 1700+ 😅

  14. He sent a knight and two bishops to escort you to a tea party. What a stand up guy.

  15. Maybe this theoretical question is not even possible, but what is the rule if a pawn move like the checkmate, here, had been subject to en passant that would stop the checkmate?

  16. หัวใจช้าง ElephantHeart says:

    I found Eric because of the first IM not a GM tournament, and his game with Levy.

  17. หัวใจช้าง ElephantHeart says:

    e3 is like the opposite of f3.
    Anytime you play e3 it is good.

  18. "Checkmate by moving a pawn up 2" should be a Rosen Trophy!

  19. 8:37 "and the one person who said queen C2 but meant C7" I feel personally called out 😂

  20. Hello Eric, I haven't put the position on an engine but at first glace B-d5 looks like a good move instead of your pawn move to c6. This keeps the b2 to h8 diagonal closed. By the way, did you receive the book I sent you called "They thought for themselves"?. I am wondering if you had a chance to look at it? Congratulations on your success in the "I am not a GM" speed tournament.

  21. at 4:05 "we´re both fully developed" Well you are both grown men, of course you are 😀 Cool game and awesome ending.

  22. Eric you don't need to resort to things like playing Grandmasters for $500, if you ever need anything, I got you, you can stay on my couch. I don't want you roaming these streets with those dirty GRANDMASTERS anymore. There are many noble careers you have the chance to take son, think about your future!

  23. A hard lesson to avoid gambling Eric 🤔

  24. hey are you from niles north? i met you and ilan since i was on niles west. you ilan and sagar taught me sooo much. hope you're the same person has been a decade

  25. 3 weeks without any content, is everything ok Eric?

  26. I am convinced that Eric Rosen will look like Bill Ackman in 20 years.

  27. It's so fun to watch you and I also learned alot!.

  28. I felt so caught when he said "also the one person saying c2 but meaning c7"
    But also appreciated

  29. does anyone know if eric is okay? he hasn't posted in a while now

  30. Hi Eric, why ask for subscribers if you’re not going to post new content for weeks?

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