Playing a Grandmaster for $500 at a Local Chess Tournament

In this video, I share my final game against GM Romain Eduoard from the Saturday Night Special Chess Tournament at the Saint Louis Chess Club. The tournament featured a $2,000 with a $500 first prize. See the analysis of my first 3 games (all featuring crazy gambits) in this video:

0:00 Background
1:52 Game Analysis

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  1. I am convinced that Eric Rosen will look like Bill Ackman in 20 years.

  2. It's so fun to watch you and I also learned alot!.

  3. I felt so caught when he said "also the one person saying c2 but meaning c7"
    But also appreciated

  4. does anyone know if eric is okay? he hasn't posted in a while now

  5. Hi Eric, why ask for subscribers if you’re not going to post new content for weeks?

  6. Not sure why you stopped posting on YouTube Eric but it sucks. Please come back!

  7. Some nasty sound glitches on this video. 20:07 and other after 4 minutes

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