Playing A Real Bullet Chess Tournament (Chess)

This came from my stream on February 11th, 2021. Watch live next time:

I managed to get into a 2 minute bullet tournament this week on I must say, I didn’t play my best games but it was nice to put a toe into the competitive arena and get creative with what little time I had. Check it out!


  1. this is too painful. too many attacks that he just loses focus when he actually had the right idea

  2. the egg's gambit on the kingside. that was a beaut!

  3. “We love it, we love it, oh! We hate it, we’re saved!!!”

  4. Should I take another brake from the webdevelopment and refill my pog canteen with another NL chess video?

  5. Can someone please make a baka mitai video for NL?

  6. Actually insane that the man Dan got 12th in a tourney with 1200 players and NL got 22nd in a game with 500… Just goes to show that you can never judge a book by its cover. Still, excellent work from both of you!

  7. Hey man, just saying it's not right that you don't play Bc4 in the sicilian. You can definetly play it, but usually only after playing d4 and opening up the center. In some e6 before d6 Sicilians (Kan, for example), you mostly develop the B to d3. 🙂

  8. At 22:00 all his opponent had to do was remain in contact with the pawn it's only not a draw if you can walk the pawn, by shouldering the king. At gm level they'd accept a draw

  9. The bishop sacrifice for the exchange is brilliantly close to a position in a game if the opera tournament. I think a Carlsen’s one . Loved it

  10. Did I see right that NL did only defeat opponts with lower Elo than him?

  11. Since you've deleted all the posts from before two days ago, probably because all the criticism, I'll repost my comment:
    "intermediate chess genius" pffffft

  12. The rainy oven contrarily look because volleyball substantially possess inside a dead guide. protective, ritzy drill

  13. Hey bro I've gotten into the routine of watching your chess videos in bed and drifting off to them but now I've seen them all so I need you to start uploading them daily. Thanks boss xoxo yours truly

  14. Chess playing Chess games with my Chess mom (Chess)

  15. In the game vs theBlitz you missed a fork with your knight. King, rook and queen a 3 way. You moved the knight away from the fork. You did win the game. But the fork would have been so good. Especially a really early fork.


  17. Is he allergic to being up the exchange or something

  18. Fell a bit behind with the chess content because I live in Texas and paying for weatherproofed energy grids was not in the agenda apparently, glad there is some to see now that I’m not a popsicle with no water or power.

  19. New favourite Chess channel after "I don't really want to trade queens, so let's do it".

  20. I don't know how i missed this when it came out but my god, that was some pogged content. Loving the chess videos!

  21. @3:15 How are we doing on time 52 vs 51 I would .. I resign. Too relatable lol

  22. love the videos but bruh some of this chess was infuriating

  23. "LIfe's about doing things you think you shouldn't. Sometimes."

    I'm making this my motto.

    Forget the "almost never" part that comes next.

  24. 20:44 can someone please tell me why the opponent gained a second there?

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