PogChamps 5: Frank, Sykkuno, Sapnap Return as I Did a Thing & Papaplatte Debut in Chess on Day 3

Featuring xQc, Tyler1, Sapnap, QTCinderella, CDawgVA, Fuslie, I did a thing, and more, Chess.com’s spectacular battle of the creators is back, and with $100,000 on the line! Our 16-player celebrity and streamer chess tournament which previously spawned a mountain of memes, and became one of the game’s biggest sensations ever, returns for a 5th edition!

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  1. does not matter if you are 600 or 2600 moat of the time you win as white and you play for tie as black

  2. Andrea was kicked off because Levy was getting mental health issues🤣🤣🤣

  3. ich liebe wie fehl am Platz Papaplatte am Ende in interview ist

  4. Papaplatte was called today: Papaplatt, Papaplatte, Papaplatta and Paplatta

  5. As an Australian I can confirm that we do indeed win at chess and catch spiders, and don't do much else.

  6. 2:37:00 funnel spider, the most dangerous in Australia. Also crazy to think you could put "professional spider hunter" on your resume down there

  7. Has Alex Botez lost weight or is she using a filter or something? I feel like she MAGICALLY GOT MEGA HOT in the last 6 months.

  8. Daily Dose just needs Ben Finegold as his coach and he’s good to go

  9. Better this, her child like sister is replaced.

  10. Levy's not not saying its not gonna not happen actually makes sense i checked with Boolean logic, its the reverse of not saying its gonna happen

  11. Watching Levy commentate is always fun to watch

  12. It’s easy to forget how bad 700-800 elo players are. A year ago I was 700 and thought I was good. Now I’m a 1350 and I realize how bad I really am lol These 800 games were wild, full of blunders

  13. I fell really sorry for the youth of west if they love to watch this cringy kid frank as a source of entertainment

  14. Everyone I wanted to win lost, just like in day 1

  15. Levy's Traxler video helped me win so many sub 1000 games back in the day

  16. You need to get Jan Gustafsson to translate Papaplatte

  17. I wonder why the chat is not available for this one…

  18. someone needs to put a hart rate monitor on the mad lad the master of disaster frank lol hes so excitable

  19. ду хаст гевоннен, как говорится

  20. 37:23 Levy:I’m not saying that’s gonna happen but I’m also not not saying that’s not gonna not happen? I don’t know. 💀

  21. Is sonic fox part of pog champs? I don't see him in the roster

  22. Cdawg may be the technical favorite, but Frank is the people’s favorite.

  23. Nice one Frank for DESTROYING that feminine boy

  24. Quite a touching moment, when Frank brings back all of those wonderful, memorable moments of Childhood Christmas Cheer . . . for Levy Rozman! 🎁🎄🌟☃✨🎀 – j q t –

  25. 1:30:50 queen g3 can possibly lead to mate. Knigth fork king and rook, move king, knight takes rook, bishop b5 giving check, only queen can block, if king moves f7, queen g6 is mate.

  26. No wonder Papa platte looks pissed. I mean playing with an opponent with that kind of username would tick me off too.

  27. Yay Alex is here. We finally get upgraded with the better Botez against the queen of annoyance Andrea..

  28. 2:24:19 im german and cant understand what hes saying. Something about the music i think. He mumbled quite hard there. Lustig, dass die deutschen in so einem event auch mal vertreten sind 😀 Go platte!

  29. If that checkmate is not on daily dose of internet i'm, can't even say im not going to watch because his fake voice already did that for me.

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