Pointcrow vs DisguisedToast – Mogul Chessboxing Main Event

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#ludwig #chessboxing #mogulmoves


  1. Idk why youtubers fight, they already have money, it looks like an awful experience from an outsider pov of boxing lol

  2. I say, nowdays chessboxing is dirtyshow, and nothing exept

  3. There were a group of russians screaming “Davay! Davay!” On the background for the whole 2nd half of the match

  4. Wow this is dumb lol. These guys cant even fight well enough to make it entertaining whatsoever

  5. bro how do i get a match this is so dumb and fun and i love it. plus im pretty good at chess

  6. Honestly to see jerma introduced like that with him ready to deliver toasts belt and interview him. Then suddenly gets talked over by some dude shouting ‘respect’. The look on jermas face was hilarious

  7. Wow really scraping the bottom of the barrel aren't they?…lol

  8. I love how at the end, Pointcrow says everything he wanted to say but Lud didn't take the mic away xD, pointcrow had to keep coming up with things to talk about

  9. the worst boxing I've ever seen coupled with the worst chess I've ever seen turned in to something slightly entertaining

  10. Lol I can't believe that those 2 punches in a row happened to Disguised Toast… i hope he is able to have children if he wants too XD

  11. Couldnt beat a short 30 year old asian in the ring lmao

  12. Basic chess rules: you are not allowed to move a piece with one hand and hit the clock with the other hand.

  13. they look like little kids with beef while the teacher tries to stop them💀

  14. did they really have to hire the tallest boxing ref in existence tho?

  15. Point Crow was knwon for doing crotch shots with his spar partners lmao kudos to toasts that guys nutz

  16. "the computer is not involved in boxing" makes me laugh LOL

  17. Toast getting punched in the nuts is such a toast moment

  18. Is this the official channel for this sport?

  19. Toast started slipping them hoes towards the end 😂

  20. No head gear should be a thing.
    Edit: they should also double the boxing time.

  21. Flojo a para jugar, y flojo para boxear.

  22. They didn't checkmating early for people entertainment and satisfaction, right? Like Muhammad ali that often dodge and finish his opponents at the late game

  23. why pointcrow played chessboxing, why didn't I hear about this

  24. Pointcrow be like:
    “i played ouch out when i was eight”
    Such an experienced man

  25. I was looking for the Wu Tang clan and came across this 🤣

  26. I can believe these guys were 600 level even before getting punched in the head a bunch of times.

  27. imagine myke tyson vs magnus carlsen, it could be the battle of the millennium

  28. finally an goodie show with boxing and chessing.

  29. Tell me the boxing announcer doesn’t sound like Chris from family guy lol

  30. Imagine you are starting to win and your opponent got angry and beat you up 💀

  31. One would think they would at least be good at either boxing or chess

  32. You would think a high level chess player would want to keep his brain intact.

  33. I'm surprised their elo wasn't in the stats

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