POKEMON CHESS TOURNAMENT (I don’t know how to play Chess) [🔴Little Z’s Pokémon Chess tourney]

I’m competing in Little Z’s Pokémon Chess tournament (except I have no idea how to play Chess)
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#Vernias #Pokemon #Chess


  1. you missed the win twice against alpha

  2. Why were all the messages in the life so mean….

  3. Wow somehow Vernias missed that his queen could immediately take Alpharad's king after he took alpharad's poison pawn or that he could have taken alpharad's fire bishop after taking the electric knight and then taken alpharad's king or later he could have taken alpharad's steel pawn and then taken alpharad's king.

  4. You know its bad when poppt1 is the one doing the roasting 😔

  5. Can't believe Vern got turned into content

  6. This video made me realize how much of a smash player I am. Sitting here watch how others play and criticize their moves

  7. Hi Vernias I love this and I hope you have a good day and you are awesome and funny

  8. Someone needs to program a stockfish for thid game ( stokfish is the top chess computer ).

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