Polygon BUIDL IT Chess Tournament : Endgame

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  1. I wish I had the self confidence to show half my wardrobe to two thousand people on a live stream like Shubham

  2. Har baar samay ka comeback kahi na kahi se ho hi jata h or yeh kya gana suna diya yaar subah se dimaag me bawandar bawandar bj rha h 🤯🤯

  3. Samay tried hard to loose the last match but the opponent is blundered by resignations. Resignations is the blunder.

  4. Congratulations for 800k subscribers bhai 🙌❤️ Pune mein kab karoge stand up next?

  5. Samay Raina
    Comedian and "ENTREPRENEUR" 🤔?

  6. Next wla reddit members only mat karna chat chalega members only but stream public rkhna please 🙏🏻

  7. Oo antava mawa… Oo oo antavaaa mawa 😂

  8. Bhai rickroll karna chahata tha par comment section me link ko spam me filterd kar rakha hai </3

  9. It's BUILD not BUIDL in video title tournament name.

  10. Bhavandar balandar.. subah se yehi hai dimag mei

  11. Bhai stream title mein toh spelling thik krle

  12. Bawandar balandar hi chal rha h dimaag me 😂

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